LED Linear Lights

V-TAC LED Linear Lights are an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional linear fluorescent lighting. Suspended linear lights are widely used in a variety of industrial, commercial spaces. Whether as hanging lights, recessed or trunking lights, our LED Linear Bars provide the optimal solution for conventional lighting systems. Also, they are excellent for new installations due to their low installation cost.

Suspended Linear Lights

This modern range of suspended linear lights has up & down illumination for a more evenly distributed light that creates a subtle ambient yet sufficient lighting for any commercial lighting. Dimmable and Emergency options are available at request. We provide White, Silver and Black colours variations, however, please contact us for additional colours and we will come with the best solution.

Recessed Linear Lights

Our new range of linear lights is also available for recessed installation. The recessed lights come complete with necessary accessories for a seamless & continuous lighting system. These products make a perfect replacement for traditional, inefficient linear lighting fixtures, with the efficient LED provided by Samsung.

Linear Trunking Lights

V-TAC’s new Linear Trunking Light is a set of highly efficient, continuous linear light fixtures.  The product comes with a staggering 160 lm/w rating & a plug-and-play system. It provides an efficient, linkable modular system and 90°/ 120° double asymmetric lenses are available for maximum adaptability on any space. Our trunking lights offer perfect suspended lighting for supermarkets, warehouses, service centres, and gymnasiums. No warm-up time, instant start-up.

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