Bespoke Lighting Solutions

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we believe that the future of lighting will be custom made lights. We are a LED lighting specialist based in Basildon. We supply the United Kingdom with the top of the range LED lighting products, and we continue to improve our services to this day.

We create any bespoke lighting ideas you have for your home or business. Our custom LED lights allow our customers to create the perfect look for their space, using only the very best materials and service. We pride ourselves on creating the options you need to fulfil your ideas and achieve the exact look you have in mind. We create bespoke office lighting, restaurant lighting, commercial and industrial lighting, as well as bespoke lighting solutions for your home for the unique look you know it’s possible to achieve. Bespoke kitchen lighting is one of our most popular services, allowing our customers to create lighting that matches their dining and cooking spaces in size, style and suitability, perfect for bespoke ceiling lights.

Bespoke Lighting Calculator

Dear customer, here at Smart Light, we aim to keep it simple for you. You can use our new Bespoke Calculator tool to get instant quotes for a multitude of designs you may have in mind. This is quick, and you do it by yourself, whenever convenient, without worrying about our opening times.

Alternatively, for complex projects, we will be in touch with you as soon as we receive your enquiry to help you turn your ideas into a reality.

Use our Instant Bespoke Calculator Tool to estimate projects and get an instant quote by choosing the desired design elements in just seven simple steps.

  • Shape
  • Lighting Direction
  • Colour
  • Colour Temperature
  • Dimming
  • Dimensions
  • Finish/Request Quote

Select your preferred Shape below

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Rectangle/Square Rectangle/Square
Triangle Triangle
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LED Lighting Designs

Discover our range of products, find out more about our designing process and explore further featured bespoke lighting in this section. Whatever design you have in mind, our team will love bringing it to life for you. For the regular shapes such as Linear, Rectangle/ Square, Triangle, Hexagon and Circle, simply choose the desired characteristics and introduce your measures and you will have your quote by email in minutes, easy as that! For more complex shapes just get in touch with us straight from the calculator tool, tell us a little bit about your desired project and we will be in touch shortly.

Rectangular Bespoke in a car saloon

Our Range

Bespoke Project in Dialux

Designing Process

RGB Hehagonal Bespoke Light


Discover Our Range

1. Bespoke Lighting Shapes

We have adapted our process to creating bespoke lighting of various shapes, with the most popular being Linear and Square/ Rectagle. See below our full range:

  • Linear
  • Rectangle/ Square
  • Triangle
  • Hexagon
  • Round
  • Other irregular shapes

2. Lighting Direction

The luminaire can be equipped with both up and down lighting, providing direct and/or indirect light, but we produce down lighting by default.

3. Body Colour

Our bespoke lighting products are most popular in  Black body colour, but we can create any custom colour you wish using a high end powder coating paint, using RAL code provided by you. See below all our default colours:

  • Black
  • White
  • Silver
  • Anthracite
  • Custom 

4. Light Colour Temperature

We have a wide range of light colour options, including single colour, from warm white to cool white,  dimmable and non-dimmable. Our additional options are changing colour temperature from warm white to cool white as well as RGB option, as follow:

  • 3000K
  • 4000K
  • 6000K
  • CCT 3in1
  • RGB+W

5. Dimming Options

Dimmable features include four main dimming options for single colour features (3000k, 4000k, 6000k). Additionally, any colour changing lamp comes automatically with wireless dimmable option via remote or wall panel controller.

For 3000k, 4000k and 6000k colour temperature options:

  • TRIAC mains dimmable
  • 1-10V dimmable
  • DALI dimmable
  • Wireless dimmable

For CCT 3in1 and RGB+W colour temperature options:

  • Wireless Dimmer included

6. Dimensions

In order for us to calculate your final project price, you will be required to provide the dimensions in mm, and next you just request your quote by simply entering your email address and any other details you may want to add.

Additionally, when we get in touch to confirm your details and order, our brilliant team will offer you options of suspended, surface mounted or recessed lighting all included in the price, and assist you in deciding what your space will benefit from most.

Designing Process

When we say we can light any indoor space, we really mean it. Whether you already have your project drawings or just a sketch on a piece of paper, we can go from that with no issue. Our specialist can create a custom lighting design project on request, using Dialux photometric calculations.

Click Here to see an example of how our Dialux projects look like.

Featured Lighting

Every lighting project is unique, creative, with its personality, and we take extra care to provide satisfaction to all our customers. We challenge ourselves further to reach the most inventive customers requirements.

See us in action on our YouTube channel, with Bespoke Lights that transform sound signals into lighting.

Call us for any bespoke lighting solutions – dare to explore and deliver a new vision in the XXI century lighting.

Custom Lighting Manufacturers

Even if you have just an idea, a sketch on a piece of paper, or a professional lighting design, we can make it come true. Our workshop provides custom-built lighting that meets all the safety and design standards. All our custom-made products are hand-built in England. With many years of lighting manufacturing, we use only the best components from Samsung and MeanWell. Every product is tested and inspected for quality and electrical compliance.


Our Bespoke Led Lights are made of aluminium profiles, 65x85mm size by default. We use LED strip lights of 120 LM/W, in addition to the use of drivers and plastic diffuser covers.

Our custom made lights can be designed, created and delivered ready to install up to 6m in length. And here, Heads Up, we are the only UK manufacturer to produce and deliver up to 6M. Creations larger than 6m will be delivered in parts, and we recommend using a certified electrician to install your order. Even with the most demanding lighting creations, you’re not on your own.

Installation support

We can create unique installation videos for your electrician upon request, so everyone is working from the same set of instructions, creating an easy and seamless transition from design to hitting the on switch.


Our bespoke lighting is created within 6-8 days of delivery. However, the timings may be impacted by project size and complexity. Additionally, we provide five years manufacturer warranty and assume repair works and replacement for any defective items, in line with our terms and conditions.

Some of our work

FAQ's For Bespoke Lighting

What is bespoke Lighting?

Bespoke lighting is custom-made lighting fixtures based on the specifications received from the customer. Our custom lighting products are all your ideas turned into reality with the help of our specialist team and high-end materials and technologies.

How do I choose the best lighting for my Home/Business?

There are several essential things to consider when tackling the issue of lighting a room, mainly because there are so many different types of lighting options available. It’s not just a matter of ‘more light’ but ‘what sort of light’.

You choose your lighting based on the room intended purpose. The right amount of light can impact any space in many ways. Correct light settings can improve productivity in factories, workshops, offices, and other workspaces. In commercial areas, the optimal lights with the right specifications can influence buyer’s decisions and improve sales. At the same time, a carefully selected warm light combined with designer light fittings can create a cosy and relaxing atmosphere in your home, in a restaurant or a hotel room, which will leave a good impression on the guests.

What do I need to know before enquiring?

Even if you have just an idea, a sketch on a piece of paper, or a professional lighting design, we can make it come true.