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LED Linear Lights Buying Guide

LED lighting is the most energy-efficient solution for your home or commercial lighting needs. In addition, linear LED lighting offers diverse design options, making for unique and customized lighting for your specific needs. When you go shopping for linear LED lighting, there are certain factors you need to keep in mind, as discussed below.

What is Linear Lighting?

What is Linear Lighting?

Simply put, linear lighting is arranging light sources in a straight line, forming a straight light source. It’s different from the traditional round or square light sources. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are packed in a straight line format to form LED light strips in LED linear lighting.

Benefits: Why Linear Lighting?

Using LEDs ensures high energy savings of up to 85% as opposed to traditional incandescent bulbs. The energy-saving value of LED lighting significantly improves due to its versatility in design. LED strip lights make lighting complex spaces easier. In contrast, using incandescent bulbs means you have to fit many of them in those areas to achieve the same effect. The heat and light wastage would be significantly high.

In addition, LED light strips are more robust than incandescent and halogen bulbs. Furthermore, LED light strips don’t produce heat like traditional bulbs. Therefore, they make for a more comfortable environment, especially in hot weather.

What are the types of Linear Lighting?

There are three broad categories of LED linear lighting:

  • Suspended linear lighting
  • Surface-mounted linear lighting
  • Recessed linear lighting

LED Linear Light SAMSUNG Chip - 40W Recessed W: 70mm                   

Suspended linear lighting involves hanging LED linear lighting tubes or other shapes from the ceiling. The arrangement suits spaces with high ceilings. In addition, it creates an effect where the lights represent the standard ceiling height in any fashion that’s in line with your design inspirations.
Surface-mounted linear lighting works well for spaces with standard ceiling heights.

Lastly, recessed linear lighting provides a cleaner look due to sitting flush with the surface. This makes it suitable for more spaces, from ceilings to walls, support beams, and floor.

Where is Linear Lighting Used?

The application of LED linear lights is as diverse as the many ways of arranging the LEDs in the tubes or strips. The energy efficiency and maintenance of a cool temperature make them ideal in virtually any place you wish to light.

Office Spaces

LED linear lighting is perfect for today’s minimalist approach to design in office spaces. In addition, the diverse nature of linear lighting gives office space designers a means to express a company’s vision and culture. For example, different shapes, tones, and sizes of LED linear lights make it easier to design a unique reception area that agrees with a company’s identity.

Furthermore, LED linear lights allow for adequate lighting of office spaces while saving on energy bills. Well-lit office lighting makes staff more focused and productive while ensuring they don’t endure eye strain or heat from the lights.

Office Spaces Linear Lighting


LED linear lights allow for cleaner and more convenient lighting at home. You’ll see more people opting for mood lighting, where carefully placed linear lights illuminate rooms without causing eye strain. LED linear lights are also suitable for illuminating spaces like cupboards, TV stands, pantries, wardrobes, and other recessed areas.

LED linear lights give you a chance to express your personality in ways that were impossible not too long ago. For example, you can have an LED linear light display that serves as artwork and illumination in your bedroom or dining room.

Homes Linear Lighting

Commercial Spaces

You’ll notice in new gyms, shopping malls, beauty shops, spas, clubs, pubs, and other establishments more use of LED linear lights. Besides energy savings, LED liner lights preserve brand identity with their unique designs. Their longevity means fewer chances of damage, thus no need for constant replacements instead of using incandescent bulbs. LED linear lights are also beautiful, further adding to the aesthetic appeal of such commercial establishments.

There are even more areas where LED linear lighting is suitable, such as industrial complexes. The combination of design and energy efficiency diversity makes these lights the obvious choice in virtually any space that needs lighting.

Commercial Spaces Linear Lighting

Tips on Buying LED Linear Lights

Check the Technical Specifications

LED linear lights tend to have more technical specifications, which is confusing for you. To simplify things, keep in mind that a 10% conversion rate applies to earlier sources of light such as incandescent bulbs. As such, if you wish to replace all your incandescent bulbs, check their energy rating. If a bulb consumes 50 Watts, replace it with a 5 Watt LED strip light and enjoy the energy savings with even more brightness.

Consider the Designs

LED linear lights come in all manner of shapes and sizes. To avoid confusion, first, consider your space. What kind of lighting design do you wish to have? How much light do you need? What warmth level do you need in specific sections? Do you need light bars or other shapes?

The difference between a finished building and one under construction influences your choice of recessed, surface, and suspended lights. It’s more convenient to install recessed lights if you can leave space for the recessed points. Carving out recess points later may be too much work.

Consider your Budget

LED linear lighting has a high initial cost, with virtually no subsequent repairs or replacements. Besides the cost of the lights, you may need to hire professional installers, depending on your choice of lights. Furthermore, there are mounting and surface modification costs. You can go slightly above budget for quality lights and work and reap the long-term benefits if possible. In the end, LED linear lights will prove to be cost-effective.

Remember your Personalisation Goals

You have a vision of how you wish your premises to look. With all the options available, keep the vision in mind to ensure a personalised look. Whether it’s how you’d want to showcase your company culture or what mood you’d want your bedroom to elicit, LED linear lights will deliver if you stick to the vision.


1. What is a linear LED tube?

It’s a fluorescent ballast compatible LED linear or plug-and-play lamp. Since these tubes rely on the existing ballast, they behave the same way as traditional lamps.

2. What does linear light blending mode do?

Linear light blending mode combines the ability to produce perfect white light with a mix of red, green, and blue to suit different lighting needs. The blending allows for static and dynamic colour shifts, depending on your preferences.

3. How do you use linear light blending mode?

There are many applications of a linear light blending mode. Any space where you wish to reproduce static or dynamic colour shifts needs linear light blending capable LED bulbs or strips. For instance, you can use it to highlight your shop’s signage. Additionally, this light blending mode could make for an exciting ambience in a restaurant or gym where you need certain hues at different times of the day.


LED linear lighting is the future of illumination in the world. From the extreme energy efficiency to the diverse design and application capabilities, no other light source compares. You now have a solution when you need to light up your space most creatively and sustainably.

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