7 Key Lighting Trends for 2021: From Inventive Ceiling Lights to LED Bulbs

lighting trends 2021

Lighting is one of the things in our homes that gets replaced fairly infrequently and so should be a well-considered decision. As the 2020 pandemic has forced us all to spend more time at home, lots of people are looking to update their fixtures. It’s important to choose lighting that you are going to be happy looking at for the next few years.

Julian Andriuta, is the CEO here at Smart Lighting Industries and has put together his predictions for the biggest trends in lighting coming up in 2021.

This year we are going to see an increase in simple to use home automation in lighting, allowing us all more freedom with our lighting choices. As lighting technology advances, we will see a rise in small-scale DIY lighting, using products such as LED strip lights to create a professional finish on a budget, says Julian. We are seeing increasing demand for bespoke lighting, LED strip lights, industrial lighting fixtures and LED street lights and floodlights.

7 Lighting Trends in 2021

Inventive Ceiling Lighting

This year will see ceiling lighting becoming the focus of rooms rather than being merely functional. There will be elegant and extravagant light fittings coming through for every style, from contemporary to cottagecore. Thoughtfully placed, cleverly designed and carefully crafted ceiling lights will transform rooms. Lighting will become a starting point for design rather than being left until last.

Don’t be afraid to go bold with your ceiling lighting, larger spaces can take more daring pieces but don’t shy away from unconventional light fittings in smaller spaces, especially if you dial back some other design elements.

Consciously Designed Bespoke Lighting

With mindfulness becoming ever more important in interior design, and many of us spending more time in our homes, now is the time to invest in bespoke lighting and create a piece that is entirely unique to your home. This ‘trend’ is almost an anti-trend, as it encourages decorations which are built to last a long time. Choose something which can go with multiple different colours or styles, which will allow you to change the decoration around the room while leaving the light fitting in place.

Despite the pandemic, we have seen searches for bespoke lighting increase by 17%, which shows people are looking for more conscious and lasting decor.

‘Buy better but buy less’ is fast becoming the interior designers mantra, with bespoke lighting allowing for a totally personalised and lasting design. Working with designers to design a one-off piece for your home is an incredibly rewarding experience, and there’s a lot of exciting new technology to take advantage of.

bespoke lighting linear bespoke lighting rectangular

Outdoor Lighting

The way we live our lives has changed so much this year, and we are starting to see the way we design our homes catching up with this.

With an increasing amount of our social time being spent outside, even in the winter months, we expect to see people getting really creative with their outdoor lighting.

LED lighting is a great option because it is low energy but creates really bright light which is perfect. We expect to see more vintage style lighting making an appearance in people’s gardens. For those looking for more effective garden lighting, we think LED floodlights will be huge, they will provide bright lighting meaning people can enjoy their gardens well into the night. They also double as a wonderful safety feature.


Geometric Light Features

We have seen geometric patterns come through in interiors for the past few years, in fabrics and wallpapers, and it’s finally putting its stamp on lighting.

Geometric lighting will be huge in 2021, with simple, repeating shapes and strong lines creating drama in minimal spaces. There has been a 30% increase in searches for geometric lighting this year, and this looks set to continue rising.

While traditionally, we would have seen striking geometric lighting in large, minimal spaces, we are now seeing it come through in more traditional homes. People are getting braver and braver about mixing contemporary and classic decor. The clash between contemporary geometric and more traditional design is a strong look that won’t be right for every home, but for those looking to be a bit more adventurous, it’s a great opportunity to experiment.

geometric lighting prismgeometric lighting circles

Statement Standing & Table Lamps

Standing lamps are going to be huge in 2021, the more sculptural the better. Not only do they act as an ornament as well as a light source and create a dramatic look, but they also help create soft and relaxing lighting which can transform a room from day to night. With more of us than ever spending additional time at home, using light to transform a space has never been so important. Using carefully placed lamps to carve new elements to a room allows spaces to be used for more than one thing, which is especially important for anyone working in a smaller space.

We love standing lamps because they can be moved from room to room, meaning you can keep the same lamp for years but find endless different uses for it.

standing floor lampstanding table lamp

Creative LED Lighting

Besides being incredibly energy efficient, LED lights are fast becoming incredibly popular thanks to their multi-purpose capabilities. Available in bulbs, strips and panels, they sit perfectly with any decor. LED bulbs come in multiple different styles, from vintage-esque to ultra-modern.

The large glass LED bulbs which cast a soft orange glow have been incredibly popular over the past few years, and it doesn’t look like they are going anywhere soon.

This year will see a great increase in the number of shapes and styles of these types of bulbs available. They look instantly chic on a low-hanging light fitting and add a touch of glamour to any home. It looks likely there will be an increase in LED panels, which are a great option for larger spaces seeking a minimal finish, or for spaces in need of extra lighting.

creative lightingvintage bulbs

Retro Lava Lamps

After the horrible year that has been 2020, it seems people are seeking a touch of nostalgia, with lava lamps making a comeback, with 17.7k Instagram hashtags and searches for them increasing by 56% in the past month. No longer just for teenage bedrooms, lava lamps tie into the retro trend and of course, must be styled accordingly. Colour is always important in interiors, but where the colour comes from changes with trends.

We are seeing more stripped back interiors, with coloured lighting bringing a new dimension to the room. What we love about this is that depending on what the rest of the room is like, coloured lighting creates totally new shades and moods.

Healing Salt Lamps

Himalayan salt lamps have been popular for the past few years thanks to their warm orange glow and their reported healing properties. There are 38.6K posts about salt lamps on Instagram, proving how popular they have become. Salt lamps are believed to help clean the surrounding air, act as mood boosters and aid deep sleep. Whether or not you believe this, they look beautiful and create a lovely ambient light which is especially calming in bedrooms.

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