LED Bulkhead Lights

An LED bulkhead light is a light fitting that is mounted to a wall, ceiling or staircase to detect movement. LED bulkheads are designed to be suitable for extreme weather conditions including rain, wind, snow and extreme temperatures making them suitable for installing outdoors, both at home and in commercial or industrial settings.

Enjoy their detecting motion outside of your front door and garden for a practical, robust living, or install LED PIR bulkhead lights in stairwells, car parks, hotels and shopping centres to provide efficient, reliable and trusted lighting.

LED bulkhead lights are the best, most sustainable lighting solution for durable, reliable lighting in exterior and interior spaces. You can install them practically anywhere, though our range of bulkhead ceiling lights is particularly popular. Install easily and enjoy long-lasting, efficient lighting with no maintenance and outstanding performance.

At Smart Lighting, we only provide the very best selection of products available. Choose your LED lights with confidence and enjoy easy, low cost and low maintenance lighting you can install and enjoy without effort. Our range includes LED bulkhead IP65, round led bulkhead lights and more. LED round bulkheads are a great choice of lighting for stairways, corridors, kitchens and bathrooms. Round LED bulkhead lights create effortless lighting in the spaces you most need reliable, robust lighting solutions.

All of the products in our range provide customers with satisfaction, reliability and efficient lighting in any space. Our LED lighting provides the best choices for sustainable lighting. LED bulbs offer brilliant efficiency with minimal energy waste, meaning low running costs and an easy way to meet your environmental goals.

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