LED Bulkhead lights

V-TAC’s LED Bulkhead range is inclusive of IP65-rated 2D bulkheads made of state-of-the-art polycarbonate resins for premium water and dustproof surface-mounted luminaire. Each model has powerful combinations of two useful features: the emergency battery backup and the microwave sensor with 120’D detection angle. Together with the new elegant designs, new CCT bulkhead version, this luminaire’s highlight is its competitive effectiveness, efficiency and security.

Key Features:

  • Built-in power eliminates the need for an external power supply.
  •  IP65 and strong PC covers for durability.
  •  3-hour Emergency Operation Time.
  •  Microwave sensors: up to 10m detection.
  • Up to 30,000 hrs lifespan.
  •  Fully compatible with daylight sensors.
  •  Equipped with a green LED charging indicator.
  •  Suitable for open areas constantly exposed to dust and moisture like parking lots, corridors, airports, and malls.


Ideal for lighting applications in residential, commercial, and hospitality locations.

Four-options are available: 3-in-1 2D Bulkhead with Emergency Battery Back-up & Microwave Sensor, 2D Bulkhead with Emergency Battery Back-up only, 2D Bulkhead with Microwave Sensor only, and stand-alone 2D Bulkhead with 5-years warranty. See detailed descriptions below:

Bulkhead CCT Changeable With Switch

This new model has an easy switch for colour temperature tuning to achieve any lighting mood in any room. No need to worry about which colour temperature for any room when you can have it all – readily available with just a flick of a switch.

2D Bulkhead with emergency battery Backup and Sensor

Our 3-in-1 LED bulkhead range is equipped with the complete package for a remarkable and reliable indoor/ outdoor emergency and security lighting. With reliable Ni-Cad emergency battery back up, advanced microwave sensor, and optional dimmable functions, this range has impressive lighting abilities to make outdoor locations of residential, business, and industrial areas safer and easier to navigate.

2D emergency battery backup bulkheads

These IP65 LED bulkheads are equipped with Ni-Cad batteries that automatically charges while in use. These fixtures can operate up to three (3) hrs on emergency situations.

2D Bulkhead with Sensor

This range of LED bulkheads is recommended for purposes of increasing security in garages, walkways, and parking areas. With competitive detection range and dimmable functions, these bulkheads exhibit exceptional performance in outdoor security lighting.

2D Bulkhead

Our resilient IP65 LED bulkheads are a good choice for outdoor residential, business, and industrial areas that need constant lighting since they can withstand weather, dust, and vandalism.

Slim Dome lights

A new addition to our Bulkhead Lights series, V-TAC’s new Slim IP65 LED bulkheads are re-designed with a sleeker, more compact built for a modern look – perfect lighting for outdoor areas in residential, business, and
industrial zones.

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