LED Low Bay Lights

LED low bay lights are typically used in warehouse settings and have become a popular choice due to their energy efficiency and therefore low ongoing cost. They are a great lighting solution in situations where high-quality lighting is required but in a space with low ceilings of 8-10 metres or less.

Conversely, high bay LED lights are used in warehouses with higher ceiling heights of 8-12 metres or more. High bay lights are essentially low bay lights with the addition of a lens.

When it comes to technical differences, lumen output and how the light is directed are the main variants. High bay bulbs have a lower bulb intensity as their height allows more room for light to diffuse before reaching the ground. LED Low bay light fixtures allow for parallel lighting which offers 50% more efficiency than perpendicular lighting.

LEDs in particular have a much longer lifespan of around 50,000 hours, meaning they can be installed and left for a longer length of time without maintenance. Low bay LED light fixtures will only lose around 10% light output over their lifetime compared with metal halide and sodium low bays, and they also offer an instant start.

Here at Smart Lighting, we offer low bay bulbs from V-Tac with Samsung chips which give reliability and durability, as well as up to 85% in energy savings compared to traditional bulbs. In addition, our range includes 100-200W linear high bay LED lights with high thermal conductivity, low luminous decay, colour rendering index of >80 and no heavy shade. These LEDs have a unique design involving radiator fuses meaning heat is diffused to reduce the temperature of the inner tube.

Our high bay and low bay LED lights are the perfect choices for industrial usage, whether that’s in a supermarket, factory, petrol station, stadium or other large areas.

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