Kitchen LED Strip Lights

Kitchen strip lights provide a perfect blend of aesthetics and illumination to accentuate your cooking and dining areas. Available in a wide range of styles, shapes and designs, our selection of kitchen strip lights and kitchen LED strip lights caters to all tastes and needs.

Our selection of kitchen strip lights has been carefully selected to suit all styles and shapes of kitchens. Whether you have an open-plan design or a kitchen full of nooks, you can use our  LED strips to perfectly light up your space.

Versatile kitchen strip lights: Whether you have a kitchen that is open-plan or a space that is more traditional, they illuminate the right areas of the room for unparalleled functionality and style. If you have a breakfast bar or island, striplights for the kitchen are an excellent choice as you can focus light where it needs to be.

Kitchen LED strip lights: LED strip lighting is an incredibly popular lighting option for kitchens, particularly for under cabinet lighting. It is an easy to install, cost-effective option that offers excellent power-saving efficiency. It’s also a more environmentally friendly type of lighting that can last for years.

With LED strip lights, you’re in control of colour. Our range of LED strip lights includes RGB+W lighting options to give you full control of the light colour. Perfectly suited for lighting up kitchen borders, cabinets, bars and edges, these RGB+W LED light strips offers multiple colour effects for unparalleled customisation.

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9.5W Led Strip 24V RGB+CCT IP20