Smart Lights

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we provide smart home lighting solutions in the form of Smart LED Bulbs, Smart LED Strip Lights, Smart LED Panels and Smart Ceiling Lights.

Smart Light Bulbs

Our Smart LED Bulbs are available in three fit versions: screw fit (E27, E14), bayonet (B22) and spotlight (GU10).

  • Our smart bulbs provide vast colour options matching any occasion with the 16 million colours. You can adjust the brightness as well as colour temperature from warm white ( 2700K ) to cool white (6400K).
  • Additionally, it saves you energy up to 80% without brightness or quality loss compared to a 60W incandescent bulb.
  • There’s no installation required, other than screwing in the bulb and launching the relevant smartphone or tablet app. Alternatively, you can connect the smart light bulbs to your smart home system.

Perfect for Residential, Commerical, Hotels and many other applications.

Smart LED Strip Lights

  • Wifi-enabled smart light strips kit with remote control, in RGB+W and RGB+3in1 CCT colour temperatures and 10W and 9W versions.
  • The product is available in 2 widths – 8mm and 10mm, being flexible and easy-to-install.

Suitable for illuminating Borders, Edges, Cabinets, Bars and any area with limited space for installation.

Smart LED Panels

  • Smart Lighting currently supplies 1 Smart LED Panel, 40w Colour Changing, 595x595mm and Standard White Light Setting.
  • Our smart led panel is supplied with driver and remote control.

Perfect fit for Office, Conference Room, Showroom, Lobby, Cabin, Kitchen.

Smart Ceiling Lights

  • V-Tac provides 3 variations of LED Smart Ceiling lamps. The products come in RGB and 3in1 light colours, as well as 40W and 60W versions.
  • Additionally, one of our LED Smart Ceiling light features a built-in speaker, so you can have music playback at the same time.
  • Our smart ceiling lamps provide no UV radiation, easy installation and non-flickering lighting.

Perfect for Residential, Commerical, Hotels and many other applications.

V-Tac Smart Lights are all very easy to pair with the V-TAC Smart Light App. Additionally, the products are fully compatible and can be easily integrated with a smart home system like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. There are lots of uses for smart lights, such as being easily controlled from your smartphone or tablet.

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