Infrared Heating Panels do not heat the air, like convection heaters; they use all their energy to directly heat the people and objects located in front of them. Infrared heating is times more efficient than traditional forms of heating because much less heat is lost in the air. Maximal panel temperature surface is 80 °C and you will feel warm and comfortable.

We are located in Essex,  United Kingdom, we We believe that every home should have the latest high efficiency heating and automation installed . With a variety of infrared heating options to choose from, you can also customize your heating panels, choose size and color, power and  control. We have the highest customer satisfaction and we are recommended for our quality products and service. All of our Heating products are manufactured in the UK and  come with 5 year warranty. With an aim to create awareness among potential consumers, we guide and support customers in their growing understanding of this new technology concerning its application and use in all situations. Our helpful staff are here to serve you and will give free and in depth consultation. Please contact us if you have any inquiry.