E14 LED Bulbs

An E14 bulb is more commonly referred to as a Small Edison Screw bulb or SES bulb. An E14 LED bulb makes a great alternative to existing halogen or incandescent bulbs in homes. Often used in chandelier light fittings, desk lights and table top lights, the E14 bulb provides an ideal low-wattage alternative to 30W and 40W halogen bulbs.

There is still an exciting range to choose from when shopping for your E14 light bulb with us at Smart Lighting. Choose from a wide range of colour temperatures to alter the mood and ambience of your space, and select the shape of your filament bulbs according to where you will use them and how much of a feature you would like them to create in your room.

Decorative shaped bulbs make a brilliant choice for adding an additional layer of design to chandelier light fittings or drawing your attention to feature lighting. Find candle bulbs, golf ball bulbs and reflector options amongst our wide range of available LED Edison bulbs today.

What size is an E14 light bulb? The E14 bulb is 14mm in its socket diameter. The length and width depends on the individual bulb design you choose. SES light bulbs are commonly thought of as the smaller version of the traditional light bulb, perfect for smaller lamps and multi-bulb lighting features.

How bright is an E14 bulb? Your E14 light bulb will provide 550 lumens, approximately equivalent to 7 watts of energy, though the LED technology in our bulbs ensure much higher concentrated efficiency and light output when compared to traditional halogen bulbs, which may emit 30W or 40W in comparison.

LED bulbs emit white light particles, mimicking natural daylight, and creating a natural-looking and effortless light throughout your home. When you choose LED bulbs, you can enjoy lower running costs, better efficiency and an overall stronger choice for a future-proof home.

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E14 Smart Candle Bulb

E14 Smart Candle Bulb 5W, RGB+WW+CW

£12.99 inc. VAT
9W Plastic Bulb A60

9W Plastic Bulb A60

£2.99 inc. VAT
LED Bulb 3W  P45 - E14 6400K

LED Bulb 3W P45 – E14 6400K

£1.69 inc. VAT
LED Bulb 3W R39 - E14 Day White

LED Bulb 3W R39 – E14 Day White

£1.99 inc. VAT