E14 LED Bulbs

E14 Bulbs are a direct replacement for existing halogen or incandescent bulbs. They also offer a much longer life span of around 30,000 hours and offer up to 80% savings on energy costs against your existing bulbs. Here, you can find the right bulb in V-TAC’s newly improved range of E14 LED bulbs. From aesthetically-pleasing E14 filament bulbs to our extensive options of 360° omnidirectional E14 thermoplastic bulbs.  Coming in various sizes, watts, and lumens, we have a complete range of E14 bulbs to replace 60w to 150w traditional lamps for your home, office, or business. Our E14 bulbs bring a wide range of features such as dimmable led bulbs, CCT, RGB, Sensor, 3 step dimming and even a Smart version that works with Alexa and Google home. Our E14 bulbs are suitable for general lighting in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

Key Features:
  • Includes Amber & Clear Filament Bulbs, High-Lumen Bulbs, 3D Filament Bulbs, Special Bulbs, Thermoplastic Bulbs, Reflector Bulbs, PAR Bulbs, UFO Bulbs and Big Bulbs.
  • Designed in various shapes, such as a candle, twist candle, flame candle, globe, pear, UFO etc.
  • Wide range of materials used: glass, plastic and thermoplastic.
  • Various coverage colours – clear, white, frost, amber, red, blue, green, yellow and pink.
  • Designed with optimal thermal management.
  • 80% lower power consumption.
  • Dimmable options are available.
  • 30,000-hr lifespan: remarkable performance than conventional and other LED lamps.

We sell various E14 bulbs, as listed below:

V-Tac E14 Filament Bulbs

V-TAC’s decorative Amber Filament Lamp range is devised with the latest technology to provide the warm look and feel of conventional filament bulbs. Our LED filament range also comes in an elegant, clear glass body for classic vintage design in A60, candle, and globe shapes that can replace 35 to 60-watt traditional filament bulbs.

High Lumen LED Light Bulbs

V-Tac bulbs provide adequate light at an optimal cost. Equipped with a Samsung LED chip, V-TAC’s complete range of high-lumen LED lamps includes a vast array of general-purpose lighting solutions with the efficiency of modern LED lighting technology at 120 lumens per watt. Better design, quality, and performance, truly an innovative take on traditional lamps. A complete selection of lamps to meet the desired combination for mood and task lighting in residential and commercial spaces.

LED Thermoplastic and Plastic Bulbs

The definition of sustainability: sharing the incandescent bulb’s design and built for higher energy, V-TAC’s comprehensive thermoplastic bulb series can be proposed for a wide variety of high-end projects. Our Thermoplastic bulbs last 20 times longer than Standard Bulbs and use 80% less energy than Standard Bulbs. Designed with excellent Heat Radiation Efficiency and High Power LED Chips our bulbs come in Non – Flickering, Dimmable & Non-Dimmable options. Perfect choice for Hotels, Bars, Commercial & Residential Lighting and Exhibition Stands.

LED Reflector Bulbs

We offer an energy-efficient reflectors range of various widths (39mm, 50mm, 63mm, 80mm) for diffused lighting that can serve as track or spotlight in residential, hospitality, or commercial spaces.

High CRI Rating Bulbs

V-TAC’s new generation of CRI>95 spotlights & bulbs is a must in commercial lighting. A CRI of 85 to 90% is considered good at colour rendering, while a CRI of 90% or above is considered excellent. A CRI index of 90 or above should be used for tasks requiring the most accurate colour discrimination.

High CRI Bulbs Key Features:
  • Outstandingly engineered to show only the truest of colours.
  • Emphasize vivid colours to increase the appeal of any product to its consumers and contribute to purchasing decisions.
  • Recommended for restaurants, apparel shops, supermarkets, and other retail areas.

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