Hallway & Stairs LED Lighting

Hallway lighting is something we sometimes give little attention to. We forget to consider our hallway and stairs as a room in the house, but the fact is stair lights and hallway light fittings can change the appearance and is the most sustainable choice when choosing how to light your home.

Hallway ceiling lights are one of the first items anyone sees when they step into your home, so it’s worth creating the right effect. A hallway pendant light is a great way to show off your style and complemented with LED stair lights, they provide a real wow factor. The options for stair wall lights are almost endless. Choose from motion sensor stair lights for total efficiency. Sensor lights for stairs only light stairs one at a time when in use, saving costs and increasing efficiency.

LED strip lights for stairs is another modern way to light your staircase. These can be fitted as recessed LED wall lights for stairs, taking up no additional space. LED stair wall lights can be fitted indoor to add aesthetic detail as well as functionality. Round & square LED stair lights are amongst our most popular choices for this reason.

Lighting for hallways and landings gives you the most freedom of choice for the look you prefer. Hallway light fixtures and hallway wall lights are not only functional, but you can also use LED strip lighting in the hallway to highlight photography or artwork along your staircase for great use of modern hallway lighting.

Choosing an LED hallway light has never been easier. Compared to traditional lighting, LED hallway ceiling lights are 80% more efficient, emitting 95% of their energy into light with minimal heat waste. Explore our wide range today.

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