MR16 Bulbs

V-Tac MR16 LED bulbs are one of the most popular spotlight bulbs available. Small and diverse, you can use MR16 bulbs in directional and feature lighting to showcase spaces around your home. You may already have spotlights around your home, and many people think they are modern and efficient, but only LED bulbs can offer the serious efficiency spotlights provide.

Our great range of MR16 light bulbs is always popular at Smart Lighting. Choose from a wide range of colour temperatures to alter the mood and ambience of your space, and select the brightness and quantity of your MR16 LED bulbs according to where you will use them and how much of a feature you would like them to create in your room.

How to remove MR16 bulb from fixture? Changing or removing an MR16 light bulb is fast and easy. Squeeze the clip or use the sucker provided to release the bulb from its fitting, and twist anti-clockwise to stop the connection to the light fitting. To fit your new MR16 bulb, insert the bulb into the light fitting and twist clockwise until it is in place, replacing the clip at the end.

What’s the difference between MR11 and MR16 bulbs? MR16 LED bulbs are the slightly larger version of MR11 bulbs. An MR16 light bulb has a 50mm diameter and a 5.3mm gap between pins at the base.

MR16 bulbs are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable options, providing you with the choice of lighting effects for around your home. Spotlights using MR16 bulbs are a great option for kitchen and bathrooms, particularly around cabinets and mirrors but are also a popular choice for creating feature lighting in bookshelves, display cases and in flooring.

Smart Light new range of LED MR16 spotlights with Samsung LEDs is your leading choice for efficient directional lighting solutions. This new range of MR16 Bulbs is perfectly compatible with existing GU5.3 holders. Our MR16 lights give out the same warm light as halogen spots while exhibiting the energy-saving benefits that LEDs provide. MR16 spotlights are ideal for retail and residential lighting.

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