Colour Changing LED Strip Lights

Colour changing LED strip lights are a brilliant and fun addition to any space. By pairing LED colour changing lights with a controller and WiFi, you can easily display a vast range of colours, projecting a rainbow of light to dazzle your home or commercial property.

LED multicolour strip lights are powered using red, green and blue bulbs, which combine with white LEDs to produce colour combinations in plentiful shades. These coloured strip lights are enjoyed by people are all ages, and make a great addition to children’s storage and play areas. Another really popular place for multi-coloured strip lights is behind display screens, including computer monitors and TVs.

For the modern homeowner, installing RGB home lighting will add a dash of colour to any ceiling or wall platforms and recesses. Use them to frame walls and ceilings, and control them to choose the colour you project for different events, moods and times of the day.

LED multicolour strip lights can be used anywhere that regular LED strip lights can. Choose the length you need and simply cut the strip to your desired length by cutting in between the copper partitions, and stick them using the adhesive backing to any indoor surface.

Multi-Coloured LED strip lights can also be used as under cabinet lighting or shelving lighting, under bed frames and other furniture too to add a funky accent to any room by highlighting your pieces, and even as aquarium lighting to give a unique look to underwater displays.

Bars and restaurant owners love the design flexibility of LED multicolour strip lights. By installing RGB strip lighting along bars and focal points in eating and drinking spaces, it is easy to alter the mood of your establishment for day or night and highlight a focus on days of the year. Try transforming your commercial space with green lighting for St Patrick’s Day or pink for Valentine’s for a unique look your customers will love.

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