G4 LED Bulbs

V-Tac G4 LED bulbs are low voltage bulbs perfect for small spaces. They’re commonly used in cabinet display lighting, decorative lighting, task lighting and lighting in campervans and caravans. The G4 bulbs are small bulbs with strong, reliable output, making them a popular choice for people in hobbies, travel and seasonal décor.

G4 bulbs are small, versatile and come in a vast range of options for different use. Alter the colour, tone and strength of your lighting with the right G4 LED bulb selection from our extensive range.

Do G4 LED bulbs need a transformer? G4 LED lights operate on a DC voltage, meaning they require a different power supply to operate. All of our G4 light bulbs come equipped and ready to use with a built-in transformer, so no additional purchase or electrical work is required.

What is the difference between G4 and G9 bulbs? The difference between other, similar bulbs is the shape of the prongs in the connection fitting. Otherwise similar in appearance, G4 light bulbs feature straight prongs, whereas G9 bulbs have looped prongs.

G4 LEDs most commonly have an output of 400 lumens, an impressive light output for a bulb of its size and comparable to approximately 1.8W or 15W in halogen bulbs. The most efficient choice when selecting new bulbs is always LED, and this increasingly popular choice of the bulb has no fewer options than traditional lighting. Find the colours you need and dimmable and non-dimmable options when shopping for your new G4 LEDs, perfect for updating seasonal and decorative lighting.

LED bulbs offer the best efficiency in any lighting choice. G4 LED light bulbs will perform for an impressive 35,000 hours, making them a great long-term solution for updating your lighting. LED bulbs are not only long-lasting but low cost and high output with very little energy waste, making them a forward-thinking choice for the future-conscious consumer.

Smart Light new range of G4 LED capsules with Samsung LEDs is your leading choice for efficient directional lighting solutions. This new range of G4 spotlights is perfectly compatible with existing GU4 holders. Our capsule bulbs give out the same warm light as halogen spots while exhibiting the energy-saving benefits that LEDs provide. These LED spotlights are ideal for retail and residential lighting.

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1.5W LED Plastic Capsule Bulb

1.1W G4 LED Plastic Capsule Bulb

£2.74 inc. VAT
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3.5W Plastic Spotlight G4

3.5W Plastic Spotlight G4

£4.38 inc. VAT
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