LED Table Lamps

Brighten up your space with LED table lamps. Choose from a variety of options to match your home’s interiors, as these lamps are a great way to illuminate a space while adding a touch of elegance and style. Smart Lighting has a whole range of lamps to choose from including dimmable lamps, desk lamps, adjustable headlamps and bedside table lamps.

If you’re looking to add some soft lighting to your room, browse through our collection of bedroom table lamps. Our dimmable touch lamps allow you to take control of the room’s ambience with ease – create a warm, restful feel or turn up the brightness level for more task-based activities like reading in bed. These LED table lamps can help transform living rooms, dining rooms, bedroom, conservatories and lounges, allowing for soft, warm lighting to create an inviting atmosphere.

Our popular desk lights are a great way to provide you with ample working light. The LED table lamps also help with energy consumption, providing focussed, isolated light in place rather than excessive usage of harsh, overhead lighting. Our table lamps have a modern, sleek design that takes up hardly any room on your desk and come in a variety of designs to suit most preferences. Choose one of our adjustable headlamps to help you change and adjust the direction for more focused lighting.

Choose our sleek table lamps for a modern feel or our designer table lamps with metal embellishments for an opulent touch. Our lamps can be fitted with LED light bulbs which allow for light to flow through seamlessly without any interruption or flickering. There’s something here for everyone, browse through our LED table lamp category and you’re sure to find one best suited to the room and your design preferences.

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