LED Floor & Table Lamps

Most cosy & favourite corners always deserve comfortable lighting conditions. To cater to this need, we bring to you an exclusive range of LED floor and table lamps. Whether you are looking for a table or desk lamps to support your reading or your work in the office, or even your relaxing activities in the bedroom or living room, here you will find an impressive variety of products to suit your needs. Designed with a touch of class, these lamps deliver sufficient and smooth lighting, with unique and suitable functions for both task and ambient lighting.

Products Features:

• Energy-efficient lighting.
• Easily adjustable for your convenience.
• Multiple functions like dimming, colour changing, and more.
• With USB charging functionality.
• Sleek and modern design.


Our Floor and Table lamps can be used in any space, though they are most often found in bedrooms, living rooms at home next to sofas, chairs or beds. Also, a good accessory to be a part of the office decor.

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