E40 LED Bulbs

A V-TAC E40 bulb is also known as a Goliath Edison Screw bulb, or GES bulb. Also known as low bay bulbs, an E40 bulb has traditionally been used for lamps over 500W, but the efficiency provided by LED means they are now much more versatile and can be used on much smaller lamps and fixtures too.

LED bulbs make a great alternative to existing halogen or incandescent E40 bulbs in homes. E40 bulbs are suitable for replacing halogen bulbs from 150W to 600W, providing between 4200 and 20,000 lumen. They’re also often used in low bay fittings, industrial lighting including street lamps, supermarket and warehouse lighting. They provide a strong output with maximum LED efficiency.

GES-E40 Goliath screw light bulbs are a popular choice for lighting outdoor recreation spaces, including sports pitches and the exterior of commercial buildings to provide reliable visibility leading to better security and safety in the area. Strong lighting along walkways, car parks and building exteriors reduces crime and allows users of your space to feel safer in the dark.

What size is an E40 bulb? The E40 bulb is 40mm in its socket diameter. The length and width depending on the individual bulb design you choose. It is commonly thought of as the larger version of the traditional light bulb, perfect for when you need a higher intensity of lighting in a larger or industrial space.

The E40 LED light bulb emits white light particles, mimicking natural daylight, a bright and effective lighting source that reaches long distances in large spaces. When you choose LED bulbs, you can enjoy lower running costs, better efficiency and a future-proof option with less maintenance and low carbon offset.

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85W LED Low Bay Bulb E40 with Samsung Chip

85W LED Low Bay Bulb E40 with Samsung Chip

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