PIR Sensors

Passive infrared sensors, or PIR sensors, are a fantastic energy saving solution if you need lighting in a room which isn’t in constant use. These sensors detect body heat given off by people or animals and contain a photodetector which then converts light into an electric current. This then triggers an alarm which activates the switch and activates your lights to turn on.

PIR sensor switches are particularly useful in situations where you need hands free lighting automation, such as entering a room with your hands full or needing hands free automation for hygiene purposes, such as public toilets, corridors or other buildings where light is only needed as and when required.

As well as lighting, they can also be used as safety devices to trigger security alarms if any unexpected movement is detected.

So PIR sensors do not waste energy by turning on too often, the sensors are conditioned not to react to gradual light changes throughout the day.

How to wire a PIR sensor?: Wiring up a PIR motion sensor switch can vary from product to product, but generally speaking, they have three wire leads. Black leads connect to the hot wire which provides power to the PIR switch, blue leads connect to the outgoing circuit wire which is connected to the PIR sensor light (otherwise known as the switch leg), and finally, green leads are the ground and connect to the circuit’s ground system.

Here at Smart Lighting, we offer a wide range of PIR sensors from V-Tac ranging from 1110-240V AC up to 220-240V AC. There are options for both indoor and outdoor use. We have infrared 360-degree sensors, strip light sensors, ceiling sensors and wall sensors, all of which come with a minimum two-year warranty. Shop our full range of PIR sensors and don’t hesitate to contact our experts at Smart Lighting with any questions you may have.

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