LED Candle Bulbs

Candle light bulbs are a fantastic choice for smaller and decorative fittings, ideally suited to lights like desk lamps, chandeliers, and wall lights. You can create a vintage effect that mimics the appearance of a real candle flame with one of these attractive bulbs.

We have a varied range on offer, including LED candle light bulbs. In our candle bulb selection, you’ll also find a great choice of fixtures and styles, as well as many different wattages. At Smart Lighting Industries, we stock the ideal decorative candle bulb for a wide variety of lighting fixtures.

Candle bulbs make a versatile alternative to traditional light bulb designs. Choosing this type of bulb offers you plenty of options. Whether you’re looking for screw-in candle bulbs, dimmable candle bulbs, or a smart E14 candle bulb, you can discover a bulb that suits you. For a dramatic visual effect, we have a range of flame-shaped bulbs, including an E14 LED candle bulb. With our candle bulbs, you’re free to create lighting that really makes an impact and creates an atmosphere.

Our range of bulbs are made by top manufacturers and are designed to be durable and provide a reliable light source. Ideal for residential and commercial use, many of the candle bulbs we carry are designed for efficiency and reduced power consumption. Browse our exciting collection, which includes small bayonet candle bulbs and the E27 candle bulb for halogen lamps, to find the right lighting for you.

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