Special Sensors

For easy convenient lighting, take a look at our popular range of sensor fittings. Our special sensor range offers a variety of options to choose from depending on primary functions and preferences. Our range includes hand wave motion sensors, special door motion sensors as well as daylight sensors and touch sensors for LED strip lighting.

Our motion sensors are easy to connect and install and are designed with cutting edge motion sensor technology. They make a great option for bed lights and lamps – simply wave your hand over and turn on and off with a single motion. They are also compatible with V-TAC strip lights and have a protection rating of IP20.

You may be interested in installing one of our touch-activated sensor switches. Our extremely responsive high-quality touch sensors allow you to turn the LED lighting on and off with ease – just a quick, light tap is all you need to control your lighting. Using our touch sensors can be extremely beneficial as they are energy-saving and have a wide compatibility range. We have an extensive range of touch sensors that are available for indoor areas like staircases, lobbies and walkways or even for outdoor areas such as parking, garages, gardens and backyards.

You can also explore our door motion sensors. Automatically switch your lights on or off upon opening any door. Our door sensors have a 30-degree range and a detection distance of 5 to 6 metres – so they are great for conserving energy. They are also compatible with most lighting including LED and traditional lighting of up to 500W. While they can be used in areas such as offices, common areas, studies and garages they are also perfect for use in cupboards, cabinets and closet spaces.

Complete your lighting installation with one of our ultra-convenient, easy to install special sensors. Smart Lighting stocks a great range of options to suit any of your functional preferences and needs.

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