LED Strip Profile

When equipping your home or workspace with LED lighting, it’s essential to take into consideration how the overall effect is going to look. This includes going beyond the bulb to all elements of a light fitting, including the LED profile for your LED strip light.

The LED profile is the casing for your chosen LED light fitting and a great option for anyone wanting to design or put together their own lighting creation. An LED aluminium profile can offer the brilliant sleek finish associated with LED lighting for a low cost, perfect for those new to creating their own lighting effects or larger projects with a greater number of fittings required.

An LED strip profile gives a clear line edging to your LED light, casing your chosen LED light in a clean and tidy finish for a great minimal look. Once you have chosen your profile, let us help you with your LED light too, and feel satisfied that everything you need to create your lighting plans can be found in our extensive catalogue. This extends to products including our popular LED tape profile, and separate LED strip and profile for the hands-on space planner or electrician.

When planning the lighting for your space, whether it’s home or commercial, LED lighting makes a brilliant choice from all angles. LED lights omit natural white daylight-looking particles, contributing to better living and working conditions without straining eyesight after long hours. It’s also the best choice available for efficiency, boasting 90% better efficiency than traditional lighting, as such a high amount of energy is transformed into light, with minimal heat loss. The result of this is low running costs, low maintenance and a long lifespan for your lighting.

Here at Smart Lighting, we are also suppliers of LED corner profile lighting materials, equipping you with everything you need to create a dramatic 90º corner to take your lighting around the whole room. This is a particularly popular idea with lower ceilings, or ceilings featuring a dropped platform to allow light to be displayed from its edges, and can be teamed with coloured bulbs for additional effects. Shop our range of aluminium LED strip channels & LED strip diffusers today.

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