LED Surface Profiles

The most straightforward yet highly effective way of installing your LED light strips is with a mounted surface profile. Smart Lighting has a great range of aluminium led profiles to help you with installation on walls, ceilings or even on floors. They are definitely a popular and easy option to affix your LED strip lighting.

The key advantage of using a LED surface profile is the minimal installation effort or preparation required. If you are looking to illuminate a space with LED strip tape, then look no further than our surface mount LED profiles. This comes with a wide aluminium profile that can be used for double LED row installation. It has an elegant milky white cover finish and is also sensor compatible.

With IP20 protection ratings and a warranty of 2 years, you can be assured that our surface profiles are all rigorously tested and of high quality. Our profiles also come with diffusers, end caps and brackets for quick and easy application. With a clean, neat finish you can hide away any wirings from immediate display.

Your LED lighting setup will surely benefit from one of our popular surface aluminium profiles. They all have high quality, modern finishes that will add an elegant, clean touch to any room. Based on your functional and aesthetic requirements, you can choose from a variety of our surface profiles such as our anodised aluminium LED profiles or our surface profiles for plasterboards with customisable sizes and lengths.

Explore our range of surface LED profiles and get in touch if you wish to create a custom profile to suit your lighting requirements. We offer a number of bespoke complete package options tailor-made to suit your needs and preferences.

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Surface Aluminium Profile Mat Anodize 40*40mm (metre)
Surface Aluminium Profile 44.5 x 64.5 (metre)