LED Bollards and Park Lights

LED bollards and park lights offer an effective and safe way of lighting up driveways and other outdoor areas at night. LED lighting is a cost-effective, environmentally friendly choice especially for outdoor lighting which may be on for a considerable length of time.

LED Driveway lights or Bollard lights are intended to form a boundary and are used in situations where people or cars are required to stay off or away from a certain area. Similarly, pathway lights allow people to safely navigate their way around at night.

In addition to lower-level garden bollard lights and LED path lights, outdoor pole lamps can offer an attractive way of lighting up larger areas such as within a park or other public space.

All of the above can be used as outdoor driveway lights either in a domestic or commercial setting.

When looking to select the right lights for driveway, consider that lighting posts should be spaced roughly 10-15 feet apart. This also allows you to calculate the number of lights you will need based on the area you wish to cover.

By choosing LED bollards and park lights from Smart Lighting you not only get a quality product but a charming way of transforming an exterior area or garden too.

Our suppliers at V-Tac have designed these outdoor garden bollard lights to work perfectly in extreme temperatures of up to -45 degrees without any adverse effects. They come with either IP65 or IP67 protection ratings to guarantee safety, as well as a minimum two-year warranty.

Shop our range of garden lamps, post lights, bollard lights, garden lights and suspended street lights in full confidence that you are getting a top-quality product for your outdoor lighting needs. For any queries don’t hesitate to contact the Smart Lighting experts.

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