Emergency Lighting Products

An LED emergency light is an essential safety feature in many business premises and industrial settings. The purpose of an LED emergency light is to direct people to safety via a designated emergency escape route in a clear and eye-catching way. Whether it’s a maintained emergency light which is always on, or a non maintained emergency light which is lit only when required, emergency led exit lights should be clearly visible, purposefully placed and should function even when power has failed to the rest of the building.

Our range of emergency lighting products and LED warning lights are manufactured to the highest specifications and suitable for a range of emergency light fitting needs. Depending on your needs, we offer maintained and non maintained emergency lighting in a variety of designs, including emergency spotlight and emergency light bulb products for recessed emergency lighting and LED bulkhead emergency lights.

Wiring emergency lights should be a simple process, but remember to consult a qualified electrician if required. One of the main considerations is what kind of LED emergency light is required. While an LED maintained emergency light is designed to be fed from the main electrical supply and be always on, a non maintained emergency light relies on a powerful and long-lasting internal battery, usually only displaying a small LED or emergency light bulb when not on.

A non maintained emergency light would therefore be perfect for areas where normal circumstances call for a clear exit sign that can also light up when required for emergency exit. The type of emergency light fitting a space requires is usually defined legally, but aesthetic and design choices around the nature of the emergency exit light are also important.

Whether you’re looking for internal or external emergency lighting, LED warning lights or emergency spotlights to place above LED exit signs, we have whatever you need.

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