Smart Home Appliances

Here at Smart Lighting, we don’t just want your home and office to be beautifully lit, we want it to be perfectly functional too. That’s why we have put together a collection of innovative smart home appliances to make every day that little bit more seamless.

Smart appliances are any WiFi controlled appliance that allows us to automate tasks around the home. Our range includes robotic vacuum cleaners, universal remote controls, smart thermostat and heating solutions, including automatic fans (ceiling fans, smart tower fans and stand fans), curtain control, heaters and humidity regulators.

Life can challenge us to remember to do endless tasks around the home, but with smart home appliances, we can reduce our load by letting technology do the work for us.

Our smart home devices can shorten your to-do list and keep your home and office in prime condition, letting you get on with your day without distraction.

Our range of robotic vacuum cleaners will keep floor surfaces free of dust and dirt without you having to lift a finger. The efficient smart home technology connects to your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to spring into action at your simple command. Let them run in the background and come home to a clean space that welcomes you without the task of manual vacuuming for an improved lifestyle that gives you time to focus on what you enjoy.

Smart home products are increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. They are not just about owning the latest home innovations but opting for products with greater energy efficiency for a lower carbon footprint and lower running costs. Smart home devices & systems also have the great ability to diagnose their own faults and adapt to your daily usage and routine, meaning you’ll never be left with expensive repair testing.

Smart home technology is not just a new solution to a busy lifestyle. The increasing popularity of these products means that soon we will be running our homes with smart appliances as standard. Get ahead of the curve and join the growing trend of innovative lifestyles with Smart Lighting.

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