Surface LED Panels

Surface Led Panels are becoming increasingly popular as they can offer flawless lighting in any environment. They can provide your space, business or residential, with a smooth wall of illumination with an air of sophistication from their modern contemporary style.

Their versatility means they can be mounted on various surfaces and are an innovative and energy-efficient alternative to conventional fluorescent ceiling lights. Offering both the efficiencies of LED lighting whilst providing a sleek and minimal design, and complement any room beautifully.

A surface mount LED panel is a great option as it is both flexible in its design, ultra-slim requiring less space and offers dimming options in some models. Along with easy installation from an LED panel light surface mount, you will enjoy the benefits of reduced electricity costs throughout your home or office space compared to traditional lighting.

The perfect lighting choice for any aspiring home or interior designer, surface LED panels offer great versatility no matter what room size they need to illuminate. Brighten up smaller corners of your home, quickly and easily or make a statement in an open plan space like a kitchen diner or an open-plan office. Adding a functional yet beautiful lighting source to your space is not just practical but a design choice many to aspire to achieve.

By using an LED panel light surface mount kit, you will easily be able to mount your surface LED panels. You will need to unscrew the screws from the four corners of the panel and place the springs into position. Reinstall the four screws you just removed and ensure the space you cut into your ceiling is 10mm smaller than your surface LED panel. Finally, connect the LED driver into the mains power and push the LED surface panel into the ceiling cavity with springs raised.

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