LED Strip Light Kit

The easiest way to install LED lighting strips is to use one of our kits that includes all the connectors, plugs, cabling, controllers, and RGB LEDs you need to make your home or office lighting really pop.

You can add brightness and colour to any awkward, low-profile corner, skirting board, shelf, stair tread, cabinet, or even under the edge of a bed or sofa. LED lighting strips are the latest tool in the professional interior designer’s kit that you can install yourself.

LED strips run on 12v DC (Direct Current) power and our kits include a power adapter as standard which means you can plug them into the nearest wall socket with no specialist wiring necessary.

Do LED strip lights need to be plugged into the mains?

Yes, they do, but our LED strip lighting kits include a mains wall adapter so are literally “plug and play.” Everything you need to get started is right there in the box.

Do plug-in LED lights use a lot of electricity?

LED strips are a low-wattage lighting solution – typically 4 to 10W, so they use much less power than many traditional lighting solutions.

Do I need a special plug for LED lights?

The LED strips themselves need a connection to the power adapter, but it is all included in our kits for a quick and easy installation.

Do LED strip lights need batteries?

LED strip lights run on 12V DC power so could be run from 8 x 1.5V AA batteries. Batteries would, however, need regular replacement as they will run down after about 6 hours. We always recommend you plug into a regular power socket using the 12V DC power adapter provided with our kits.

Is it okay to leave LED strip lights on all night?

At 10W max, LED strips are low power and very low heat so are safe to leave on all night. In fact, they make for a funky nightlight fitted under a bed or shelf or along a skirting board. However, to save energy we recommend all lighting be switched off when it’s not needed.

Can LED strip lights be used outdoors?

Use our IP65-rated strip light and you can install them outdoors too. IP65 is a protection rating which means the light fitting is waterproof and safe to use outside as long as the power adapter is also protected by a suitable enclosure. For indoor use, IP20-rated LED strips are perfect.

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10W LED Smart Strip Light Kit (BS PLUG) IP20 5m reel

10W LED Smart Strip Light Kit (BS PLUG) IP20 5m reel

£43.93£45.84 inc. VAT
In Stock
4.8W LED Strip KIT 300 LED's IP20 12V, 10m Reel

4.8W LED Strip KIT 300 LED’s IP20 12V, 10m Reel

£35.16 inc. VAT
In Stock
9W LED Strip Kit 60 LED's IP65 12V - 5m Reel

9W LED Strip Kit 60 LED’s IP65 12V – 5m Reel

£28.32£32.40 inc. VAT
In Stock