LED Drivers & Accessories

After purchasing your LED lights, take a look at our range of accessories to help with installation, efficiency and design.

We have multiple options for LED drivers to help power your LED lights. These are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation and you can choose from a variety of drivers based on your unique requirements and preferences. Some LED lights require the use of a LED driver to help power them, as they help reduce the AC voltage from the main power supply to a lower level. LED drivers also offer additional advantages to LED power supplies. Whilst they have most of the features of an LED power supply, our LED drivers have additional functionalities such as options for dimmability and for constant current or constant voltage. All our LED drivers are high quality and high efficiency and come with a protection rating of IP20.

Never get caught short with our emergency battery pack for LED Panels. Compatible with all V-tac panels series, our battery pack comes with a 2-year warranty and is ready to use – simply plug in for instant use of up to 3 hours of emergency operation time.

If you’re looking to introduce a dimmable option to your lighting system, take a look at our drivers for dimmable LED panels. We stock a full range of 6W to 24W dimmable drivers to allow for full adjustment control.

Smart Lighting’s range of accessories also includes metal surface mounted panels that are available in various sizes to suit your requirements. For plasterboard ceilings, choose our mounting bracket kit, available with a spring release function for easy fitting and maintenance. Our selection of mounting accessories will ensure you find something suitable for any setting, be it for residential, commercial, industrial or office use.

Choose one of our outstanding, high-quality accessories to fit and display your lighting, your way.

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