Downlight Fittings & Accessories

Downlights can be a great choice for any home or office lighting requirement. Recessed ceiling spotlights are low-profile and contemporary and are particularly useful in kitchens and bathrooms. LED downlights can also be easy to fit and extremely energy-efficient compared with traditional halogen bulbs.

As well as our fantastic range of downlights, we offer a wide variety of LED downlight fittings and accessories so that you have everything you need to fit your LED downlights. Whether you’re looking for the correct downlight bezel for your bulb or adjustable downlight fittings, we have what you need.

When looking at how to fit downlights, the process can be quick and easy. However, if you’re unsure it’s always best to rely on a qualified electrician. LED downlight fitting is as simple as choosing the correct location for your downlight fitting, positioning correctly, wiring up and then inserting the downlight unit. It’s important when fitting downlights that you take your room into consideration – kitchens may need more and brighter downlights than living rooms, for example. A typical downlight bezel may require a hole of 80mm in the ceiling, but many of our downlight fittings are smaller or larger and will need holes sized accordingly – for example, a downlight bezel of 100mm will need an appropriately sized hole.

As well as a range of sizes and specialist downlight fittings, we offer a full selection of colours and finishes, such as white, black, nickel and chrome. You can also choose from a selection of fixed or movable downlight bezels, depending on whether you want fixed spotlights or more directional control of your LED downlight fitting.

We offer a wide range of ceiling downlight fittings for your needs. Whether you’re looking for our more typical R80 downlight fittings for regular 80mm downlight bezels, or an IP65 downlight bezel for water-safe lighting in a bathroom, we have the range and expertise you need.

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