Motion Sensors

Many areas like lobbies, parking garages, staircases remain unused for long hours but do need lighting to be lit automatically in case of movement. A motion sensor is a device, which detects movements, and in some cases light conditions and then transmits a signal for illumination. Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we provide a generous range of indoor and outdoor motion sensors. So, whether you need a microwave sensor or PIR sensor, we can come with a reasonable solution for your project.

Products Features
  • Power saving
  • Available for indoor and outdoor purposes
  • Compatible with most of our models
  • Proven quality from reliable suppliers
  • Wide range of models to choose from

• Outdoor Areas like parking garages, gardens compounds and yards
• Indoor areas like walkways, lobbies and staircases.

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1000w pir sensor

Microwave Motion Sensor IP20

SKU Code:5078

£14.99 £11.70 inc. VAT
Microwave Motion Sensor IP65 Black
Microwave Motion Sensor IP65 White

Motion Sensor/Moving Hand

SKU Code:5084

£15.59 £14.03 inc. VAT

Motion Sensor/Open Close Door

SKU Code:5085

£15.59 £13.93 inc. VAT

PIR Sensor Recessed IP44

SKU Code:5082

£9.59 £8.63 inc. VAT

Sensor E27 Holder

SKU Code:4982

£11.39 inc. VAT

Wallmount Microwave Sensor

SKU Code:5083

£21.59 £19.33 inc. VAT