Motion Sensors

A motion sensor offers the ultimate convenience when updating your home and office with Smart Lighting. Enjoy the elegance of walking into a room and seeing it light up without any input needed. Whenever there is movement detected under the motion sensor, your lights will automatically turn on, perfect for when you arrive home with your hands full.

A motion detector is a brilliant way to reduce your electricity costs. Only lighting a space when you need it saves you a considerable amount of money, and increases your energy efficiency better than any other lighting option.

A motion detector is a great idea for spaces like entranceways and hallways, bathrooms, parking garages and doorways, only lighting the space you need when you need it. Additionally, use our great range of motion sensor lights to illuminate specific areas of your room for practical yet stylish lighting solutions. Why not add a motion sensor to your inner wardrobe lighting, allowing you greater visibility in naturally darker spaces?

Motion sensors are similarly great in kitchen and bathroom storage, as well as accompanying low-level lighting for assistance during the night without disturbing others.

Motion sensors also offer great security advantages. Fix them to your outdoor LED lighting or around likely entranceways to deter unwanted attention and help reduce crime.

To wire a motion sensor to an existing light, simply screw the motion detector into your light fitting. Tie the wires together as instructed in your product pack and adjust the settings to pick up movement at the relevant height.

It’s also possible to wire a motion sensor to multiple lights, ensuring that the power handling of the motion sensor is equipped to take on the total power of all lights in its series.

An electronic motion sensor works by emitting ultrasonic sound waves which reach all static objects in their periphery. Then this reach is interrupted by other objects not usually present or movement, they will activate the light.

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we provide a generous range of indoor and outdoor motion sensors for lights. So, whether you need a microwave sensor or PIR sensor, we can come with a reasonable solution for your project.

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