LED High Bay Lights

Lighting your warehouse or commercial space can be hassle-free and easy with LED high bay lights. Perfect for efficiently lighting large spaces, high bay LED lights provide an impressive 180+ lumens per watt rating.

How many LED high bay lights do I need? The number of high bay lights you should choose for your space depends on the size and height of the room you are lighting. To achieve a normal level of light, or a lighting effect similar to daylight, spacing lights 18 feet apart at 20 feet high is recommended. To achieve a brighter look, place lights 15 feet apart at this height. At 30 feet high, lights can be spaced at 20 feet apart for a bright look and feel.

How to dim led high bay lights? It is possible to set up dimmable high bay LED lights by adjusting the volts sent to the lighting circuit. Adjust this and you will find your brightness setting can be altered to suit the needs of your space.

How to wire led high bay lights? Many high bay lights can be wired easily by disconnecting the power supply, connecting the right wiring and hooking the chain fixtures to the desired position. Chains can then be fixed to a rail and power can be reconnected. Always contact a professional electrician to install your lighting for you, and ensure all safety measures are taken into account when installing high bay lights at large heights.

Our warehouse lights are manufactured with robust and industrial materials for an enduring build-quality suited to industrial environments. They boast an impressive lifespan of 50,000 hours, designed perfectly for installing and getting on with your day without additional maintenance needed.

LED lighting is a great choice for high bay lights as the most efficient type of lighting available. LEDs offer better energy output than traditional or halogen lighting, keeping your running costs down and ensuring that over 90% of energy is converted into light. This minimises energy loss and reduces heat output, keeping your warehouse and other commercial spaces at the temperature you need.

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