LED Downlights

Choosing the right LED downlight for any job can be challenging, given they come in many shapes and sizes. There are several options to choose from, whether you want bathroom LED downlights, dimmable LED downlights or fire-rated LED downlights.

Reassuringly, any LED downlight you choose will give you the brightest, clearest light and will be the most economical option. The first thing to consider is the type of room you will be installing your downlights in. For instance, there are building regulations to be followed when installing in a bathroom, with IP ratings needing to be considered. Shower downlights must have a minimum rating of IP44. In a kitchen, there are no specific guidelines to follow, so any LED downlight of your choosing can be used here.

Another consideration is whether or not to use fire rated downlights, which come with an extra safety feature built-in to prevent the spread of fire.

Here at Smart Lighting we also sell a range of GU10 downlight fittings. GU10 downlights are mains operated, meaning they don’t use an LED driver and so are replaceable in the event of a failure. They also allow flexibility to change the colour, beam or angle of the light.

How to install led downlights in ceiling? When it comes to installing downlights, there are a few key steps to consider, the first of which is positioning the downlights. Then a hole needs to be cut into the ceiling to fit the downlight before it is wired, and the unit installed. This is a job which we would strongly recommend using a qualified electrician for unless you are completely confident with the work involved.

At Smart Lighting, we supply only the best LED downlights from Optonica and V-Tac in a range of finishes including gold, chrome, aluminium, white and nickel. They are available in a range of colour temperatures from 2700K up to 6500K and with protection ratings from IP20 up to IP65. All downlights come with a minimum two-year warranty for your peace of mind. For more information, and assistance with any queries, contact our experts today.

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