LED Floodlights

V-TAC’s LED Floodlights are manufactured with industry-leading components to deliver exceptional performance, making them the perfect choice for efficient outdoor lighting. Our high-quality outdoor security led flood lights are designed and made of diecast Aluminium for extreme durability. With the IP65 rating, all the floodlights in this series are also waterproof and dustproof. This extensive range of floodlights is ready to impress in terms of efficiency brought by the Samsung LED chip.

Key Features:
• 10w to 1000w.
• IP65 rating – high-quality components used to ensure waterproof/airtight performance.
• Modern and strong diecast Aluminium enclosure with a minimalistic design, for high-end support and design.
• Product category includes high-lumen, slimline, e-series, rechargeable, work floodlight, sports floodlights, solar floodlights, as well as RGB and Smart – high quality outdoor led floodlights.
• Select units are inclusive of a 1-metre wire for convenience and easy installation.

Evolution Series Floodlight

Only from V-Tac – the first and only led flood lights with 160 lumens per watt rating from the super bright series offer superior efficiency and great energy savings.

Slimline-High Lumen

The V-TAC LED High Lumen Floodlight offers energy efficient, high output illumination for intensive lighting applications. This series consumes around 80% less energy than traditional outdoor lighting through pioneering optics and the latest LED technology from Samsung.

Slimline-White Body

V-TAC’s PRO Series LED floodlights are equipped with Samsung LED chips for a well-diffused, high-performance outdoor lighting encased in a diecast IP65 body for durability. Available in 10w to 300 watts, in a clean and ivory white finish. Select models come with a one (1) metre wire.

Rechargeable Floodlight

Strong, reliable portable lamp – V-TAC’s new compact and rechargeable LED floodlights can easily be recharged through the micro socket & USB port making it perfect for home projects, garages, warehouses, car repair shops, parking lots, camping and more.

Sports Light

The new LED Sports Light with Samsung LED offers excellent energy efficiency, low maintenance, and an unbreakable, strong design that can eliminate chances of breaking at ball strikes compared to traditional fluorescent and HID options.

LED Super Pro Floodlights

Never worry about efficiency – these floodlights are equipped with highly acclaimed LEDs provided by Samsung and Mean Well drivers for energy-saving and temperature dissipation excellence. Available in 250W, 500W, and 1000W, our heavy-duty IP66 LED Floodlights are perfect for industrial lighting.

E-Series LED Floodlights

V-TAC’s LED floodlights are ideal for lighting driveways, gardens and buildings. These energy-efficient lights emit bright, vibrant light and make an eco-friendly alternative for traditional halogen floodlights and metal halide fixtures.

RGB LED Floodlights

V-Tac’s RGB Floodlights are maintenance-free, stylish and effective colour changing in Red, Green and Blue. Operated with remote control for switching lights on/off and colour change, these floodlights can change the mood and ambience of any environment.

Smart Floodlight

Currently, V-Tac has introduced one model of Smart Floodlight produced in white and black body colour options, 20W, RGB + 3in1 CCT colour changing and is dimmable through V-Tac Smart app.

LED Solar Floodlights

V-Tac’s solar-powered lighting is intended to provide a safe, stable, clean, and green lighting solution in any weather conditions, helping you reduce the carbon emissions and sustain our planet’s life.


V-Tac’s floodlights are recommended for any outdoor lighting application in residential, commercial, and industrial areas.

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