LED Interior Lights

Transforming your home with indoor LED lights is a brilliant way to future-proof your lighting. The design choices of LED interior lights are vast, and Smart Lighting has design options to suit every room, surface and purpose.

Can you use indoor led lights outside? When updating your home’s lighting, it’s possible to consider every space, including your outdoors – gardens, driveways, entryways, porches and balconies. However, indoor LED lights should only be used for interior purposes. If they are used in outdoor conditions, it is possible they will retain moisture and short the electrical circuit.

Some LEDs are suitable for damp conditions including bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms which may have a higher concentration of moisture in the air. These LEDs are labelled as being suitable for damp conditions. Most indoor LED lights are marked with a UL rating, meaning they have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for dry, indoor locations.

Smart Lighting provides the right LEDs for every location, whether it’s different rooms in the home, outdoor spaces, or commercial fittings. Our LED indoor lighting is designed to give you maximum choice over design and use. You will find everything from LED indoor wall lights to LED motion sensor lights to fulfil your needs and bring your home to life.

We can offer varying brightness and energy output as well as a great range of designs. Find LED interior lights 12V and up to the most impactful, high output lighting in our range. Our indoor LED strip lights are particularly popular when updating your interiors to add a modern accent to cabinets, shelving and other feature spaces around your home.

Whatever your needs, and whichever room you are considering your lighting choices for, LED lights for the home interior will bring your space a new look you will love for years to come. So, whether you need LED simple or fire-rated downlight fittings, bulkheads or table lamps, wall lights, ceiling lights or even pendant lights, we will come with a reasonable interior lighting solution for your project. In addition, we guarantee specialist support and advice in choosing the right products for your needs in order to have the best possible solution!

Contact us for high-quality Indoor LED Lighting solutions for domestic commercial, or industrial lighting enquiries.

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