LED Bathroom Lights

Getting the right bathroom lights is the key to creating an outstanding bathroom. Perhaps you’re looking to brighten the space with ceiling or wall lights. Maybe you’re looking to add a touch of elegance with a bathroom mirror with lights, or even a light up bathroom mirror. Whatever kind you’re looking for, we can help.

LED bathroom lights provide a modern, energy-efficient way to brighten your bathroom. Perhaps you’re looking for classic bathroom spotlights or getting adventurous with bathroom LED strip lights or bathroom lights over mirror. LED bathroom ceiling lights or bathroom wall lights are simple to install and come in a range of different designs.

One of the main considerations for choosing your bathroom light fixtures is getting the correct IP rating for bathroom lights. IP rating determines how safe bathroom light bulbs are to use in key areas of your bathroom, such as directly above baths and showers. An IP rating of at least IPX4 is recommended, whether it’s for ceiling lights or wall lights. Ensuring you have the right kind of waterproof LED lights for bathrooms, whether that’s waterproof LED strip lights for bathrooms or more traditional flush bathroom ceiling lights, will leave your bathroom safe and leave you satisfied.

LED bathroom wall lights and ceiling lights come in a wider range of designs than you might think.  Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of the perfect square bathroom lights, or you’re looking to find the clean modern elegance of bathroom LED strip lights for your bathroom or mirror cabinets.

At Smart Lighting Industries, we have everything you need to transform your bathroom from a dim room with tired old lighting, to a fabulous new space with beautiful and energy-efficient new bathroom LED light fixtures. New LED bathroom light fittings truly can provide that last key detail that really makes the difference between okay and excellent, and at Smart Lighting Industries, we can help you achieve your perfect bathroom dreams.

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