Bathroom Mirror with LED Lights

Are you looking for a light-up bathroom mirror that is easy to use that you do not have to repeatedly wipe down in order to see yourself clearly? Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we have a range of bathroom mirrors with LED lights that are easy to install and use and will add a touch of elegant design to any bathroom. Whether you prefer a portable vanity mirror or a lighted bathroom wall mirror, we have something for everyone.

From our cordless and portable vanity mirror to our large bathroom mirror with lights and a demister, our range comes in all shapes and sizes to fit perfectly in your bathroom. Whether you want a rectangular or round bathroom mirror with light installations, we’ve got you covered. We are proud to stock multiple options from our trusted supplier, V-Tac UK, who have offered innovative LED lighting options since 2009.

The most innovative design feature of the bathroom mirrors we have on offer is their demister pads. These prevent your bathroom mirror from getting foggy after a shower, meaning you can use your mirror clearly without having to wipe it down or wait for the condensation to disappear. They are operated by a touch switch, making it as easy as possible to turn on the LED light on the mirror. You also get colour changing operations to suit your preference.

Find your perfect bathroom mirror with LED lights today at Smart Light Industries.

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