LED Strip Controllers

If you are considering installing LED strip lights in your home, an LED light controller is a great addition to make your lighting come alive. If you’ve already chosen an RGB LED strip light, you will need a controller to select the colours displayed. A 5050 LED RGB controller is a great choice for this.

To control strip lights, select your LED strip light controller from our range of the best products and install it between the power supply and your LED strip lights. Using the remote, you can instruct your lights to display the colours you want and alternate them to create various effects in your space. Choose from an Infra-Red controller or Digital Multiplex LED controllers for an easy to install and simple to use LED controller experience.

You can connect multiple strip lights to one controller by matching the code with the receiver. This is simple to set up using just your LED strip controller, following the instruction which comes with the model you choose. Most LED controllers will pair with your LED strip lights by holding the ON button for a few seconds until it flashes to confirm a connection. Your favourite dimmers and controllers for LED strip can be chosen separately for the best shopping options.

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RGB W Amplifier

RGB W Amplifier

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