LED Golf Ball Bulbs

Recognisable by their small round bulbs (at about 45 mm in diameter), the golf ball light bulb is the perfect choice for fixtures with limited space. Not only are they the solution to fixtures with a light bulb space too small for a standard GLS, but LED golf ball bulbs are versatile and effective at casting light even in a smaller physical capacity.

Available in clear glass and white thermoplastic options, the golf ball bulb comes with underestimated versatility.

Now manufactured as an LED 4W, you can find clear glass golf ball bulbs with a filament to give that retro feel that LED bulbs have missed in the past. Create any kind of aesthetic or atmosphere when you purchase a 4W LED golf ball bulb.

The two fittings available for our golf ball bulbs are an E14 Edison screw fix and an E27 Edison screw fix and you can find a wide variety of lumen options and beam angles.

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we also stock a wide range of colour temperatures for our golf ball light bulbs. You can choose between 2700K and 3000K (warm white), 4000K (day white), and 6400K (white) as well as SMART RGB colour changing LED light bulbs.

The attractive design of golf ball light bulbs, also known as mini globe light bulbs, makes these not only a great choice for compact fixings but also another good addition to pendant lighting.

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