G9 Bulbs

The G9 bulb is also known as a capsule bulb. It can be described as a push and fit bulb, using two pins to click into place. Our G9 LED bulbs offer small, bright and brilliant outputs of light, perfect for use around the home or workspace in smaller areas such as desk lamps.

A G9 LED bulb will offer the equivalent to 2W or 200 lumens and are particularly favoured when choosing subtle lighting around the home. They make ideal bedroom lamp bulbs, or additional lighting in your living spaces when you want to create a calm, ambient space.

Our range of G9 light bulbs provides you with a great choice of colours and lighting options, delivering a warm white and soft glow to your space, or a sharper cool white for concentrated workspaces.

The G9 capsule bulbs feature two pins measuring 9mm apart, making it easy to identify whether this is the right bulb for your light fitting. G9 bulb base types are a paperclip ends used in mains voltage. The LED technology in our G9 bulbs provides a much higher concentration of energy, giving you better lighting efficiency and a longer working life span of around 15,000 hours.

G9 light bulbs are dimmable, and the perfect choice for flexible lighting that allows you to alter the mood, brightness and feel of your room. Our customers love the G9 LED bulb for creating soft lighting in the spaces that mean the most to them when it comes to relaxing in a welcoming space. Pair our G9 light bulbs with lighting fixtures that match your design choices and home’s personality for a great everyday look.

When you choose LED bulbs, you can enjoy lower running costs, better efficiency and an overall stronger choice for a future-proof home.

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