B15 LED Bulbs

A V-TAC B15 bulb or SBC (small bayonet cap) comes with a bayonet fitting and has the classic candle shape seen in chandeliers or other decorative light fittings.

The 15 refers to the bulb’s 15mm diameter, and they should not be confused with B22 fittings – these both have bayonet fittings, but the latter is bigger. Small bayonet bulbs are perfect for lamps that need a smaller fitting, for example, a desk or wall light, and they look stunning in decorative light fittings too.

A B15 LED light bulb is easy to install using a simple push, twist and click action and you can simply replace like for like with your old bulb.

They are a direct replacement for incandescent or fluorescent B15 bulbs, using much less energy and lasting up to 10 times longer than a traditional bulb. A B15 LED light bulb has an energy rating of A+. The brightness of LED bulbs can be measured by something called luminous flux or, in other words, the measure of the total amount of visible light it gives out.

At Smart Lighting, we sell warm white B15 light bulbs with a luminous flux of between 350lm and 470lm. They are made by V-Tac, are all dimmable and use a Samsung chip for improved reliability and durability. Our small bayonet candle bulbs start at just £1.72.

The range includes either 4W or 5.5W bulbs with a high colour rendering index of CRI>80. Our bulbs are covered by a minimum three-year warranty and have a lifespan of 30,000 hours. For more information about our B15 LED bulbs please have a browse or contact us at Smart Lighting.

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5.5W Plastic Candle Bulb Dimmable 3000K Warm White

4W Candle Filament Bulb Dimmable B15 Clear Cover 3000K

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