Smart Lighting & Automation

Smart lighting has gone from being a niche interest to a widely-used and highly popular consumer product in almost no time at all. Automation throughout the home or workplace, especially intelligent lighting systems, has progressed to a level of amazing customisation and ease of use. Whether it’s intelligent CCTV and surveillance, or smart lights controlled directly from your Apple iPhone or Android device, you now have a huge array of smart lighting and automation options to choose from.

We provide a wide range of smart lights, smart appliances and smart sockets and chargers for you to design the futuristic home or business of your dreams. As well as the usual benefits of LED lighting, namely the energy savings over traditional halogen bulbs and the increased light quality and variety that can be offered, our WiFi-supported smart home products are tried and tested, and fully compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

By embracing the emerging ‘Internet of Things’ and following the cutting-edge of research and production, we are not far from automating almost every part of the home or business. Luckily, these innovations couldn’t be simpler. Fitting smart lighting or switches, for instance, is as easy as fitting regular lighting, and when connected to your WiFi and utilising smart command technologies such as those offered by Amazon or Google, exciting opportunities to transform your space become available.

Combining our expertise and passion for smart lighting and technology, we can not only provide the full range of smart lights and switches you may need to fully upgrade your home or business, but we also offer products that can automate key elements of your environment. Whether it’s intelligent microclimate control, automated vacuums or Bluetooth audio and smart speakers, we have a huge selection of products designed to help you manage your environment and automate life’s daily tasks.

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