Smart Lighting & Automation

Here at Smart Lighting Industries, we are looking at the Way Forward on how to meet the growing needs of the IoT through Intelligent Lighting Products. Nowadays, LED smart lights are widely used, providing both visible and non-visible advantages. The visible-qualities refer to increased light quality and energy savings, while those non-visible may impact human alertness, productivity and even regulate circadian rhythm. Therefore continuous research is being conducted on how to improve the general health and wellbeing through Intelligent Lighting, and we are passionately following the development in order to offer you the ultimate solutions.

We provide WiFi-supported LED smart home products that can be fully controlled via Amazon Alexa or Google Home from our trusted supplier V-tac.

Our Modern Lighting category includes:

  • Smart Lights;
  • Smart Home Appliances – for TV control, Microclimate Control, Vacuum and Curtain Control;
  • CCTV & Surveillance;
  • Smart Sockets/ Switches and Chargers.

To conclude, we are here for you with the most versatile and capable smart lighting products and a wide range of them. Either you want to upgrade your lighting system or you want to easily control your environment temperature, you will find the right solution in our Modern Lighting section.

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