Big LED Panels

Big LED panel lights have proven a great choice for business and public premises for many years, offering large surface areas which diffuse bright light to create clear, well-lit spaces that offer light as good as natural daylight in all kinds of settings.

Hospitals, shopping areas, hotels, airports and other commercial settings benefit from panel lights, but increasingly these are becoming popular with forward-thinking homeowners too. For residents with high ceilings or covered outdoor areas, LED panels offer simplicity in design and maximum light over a concentrated panel, without the harshness. The lighting they offer is cool, warm or day white, without being straining on the eyes.

In modern and ambitious home design, LED panels have been seen installed in entryways, kitchens, balconies and other areas to offer a vibrancy in a space without drawing attention to the lighting itself, leaving the aesthetic properties of a space remaining focused on the room and furnishings.

Popular with artists, graphic designers and illustrators, people who work in visual fields often rely on a good source of daylight to accompany their work. LED panel lights, especially large LED panels mean this reliance on natural light can be lessened and great work can be achieved year-round, day or night.

Our LED panel lights are supplied by brands we know and trust. Explore our range from Optonica and V-Tac for excellent quality lighting you can install, sit back and enjoy without hassle. All of our products come with a full warranty of 2-5 years and offer a wide range of colour temperatures to suit the intensity of light needed in your space.

Choose from warm, cool or day white in your LED panels, ranging from an adjustable output and 3000-6400K options.

To help you decide on the best large LED panel light for your space, allow us to help you choose the right product by discussing your space’s size, shape and function before recommending the perfect product for you.

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36W LED Panel 600x600mm 6pcs Pack
LED Smart Panel 40W 600 x 600mm 3in1 Amazon Alexa and Google Home Compatible

LED Smart Panel 40W 600 x 600mm CCT 3in1

£84.99 inc. VAT
60x60 led panel, 600 x 600 led panel
45W LED Panel  620x620  UGR19

45W LED Panel 620×620 UGR19

£33.99 inc. VAT
29W Led panel

29W LED Panel High Lumen 600×600 A++

£32.99 inc. VAT
45W LED Panel High Lumen 6 Pack 600x600mm

45W LED Panel High Lumen 6 Pack 600x600mm

£278.99 inc. VAT
45W LED Panel UGR19 600x600mm
36W Square LED panel

36W LED Panel 600x600mm

£43.99 inc. VAT
45W Led Panel
LED Panel 600x600 IP65

LED Panel 40W 600×600 Day White A IP65

£77.99 inc. VAT