Neon Flex LED Strip

Nothing says “funky lighting concept” like an LED neon lighting flex strip. Also described as an LED neon light rope, our neon-style, flexible LEDs offer the lighting designer.

There are 2 main types of neon flex: 360-degree and 120-degree beam angle. As its name suggests, the 360 emits light in all directions. This means it could be used to create written, neon-style signage, hung in cascades or as a curtain dividing a part of a room, or as a freestanding neon light sculpture that can be viewed from any angle.

For a more subtle approach, a 120-degree flexible strip in cool or warm white is the perfect solution to illuminate long, dark recesses in the ceilings of corridors or other large spaces.

Neon strips come in lengths of 5 or 10m, but if that’s not long enough for your space, they can easily be connected together with our neon flex pins. Alternatively, our single-colour, 160-degree LED neon flex strips can be purchased by the meter. Either solution is perfect for adding coloured lighting to industrial, commercial, and entertainment spaces such as offices, reception areas, bars, clubs, shops or showrooms.

All our LED strips are a minimum of IP20-rated so are safe to use indoors, or for outdoor spaces, our IP60-rated strips bring flexible and funky coloured lighting to gardens, courtyards, or pop-up outdoor venues. Perfect for making events such as parties and weddings really pop once the sun goes down and the party really gets started.

As a linear lighting solution, LED neon strips are measured in Watts per meter (W/m) and require a 24v DC power supply. LED strips are not dimmable.

Use one type only to create a cohesive, colour-centric lighting design, or go really wild, mixing and matching neon rope types and colours.

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13 W/m LED Silicone Neon Flex 24V DC IP65 10m roll

10 W/m LED Silicone Neon Flex 24V DC IP65 10m roll

£11.94 inc. VAT
In Stock
LED NEON FLEX 8W/m 24V DC IP65 All Colours (by meter)

LED NEON FLEX 8W/m 24V DC IP65 All Colours (by meter)

£4.91 inc. VAT
Out of Stock