Solar Battery Storage

Solar panels produce electricity when the sun is shining but you use most energy in the evenings and at night. This means there is usually a period in the middle of the day when your panels produce more than you use. You can export this surplus to the National Grid for a reduction in your bill or you can store it in a battery and use it yourself.

Battery storage for solar panels allows users to store this surplus energy produced by their solar panels for subsequent usage. It provides a reliable solution for managing energy fluctuations and optimising self-consumption.

Choose from our variety of solar battery storage options, from the 14.33Wh wall-mounted lithium battery with 6000 cycles lifespan and IP65 rating, to the robust 5.12kWh rack-mounted lithium battery designed for solar inverters.

We provide wall-mounted solutions like the 5.12kWh LiFePO4 and Lithium batteries, both tailored for solar inverters and known for their 6000-cycle lifespan and IP65 protection. Our lineup also includes a remarkable 7680W battery storage unit with a 160Ah 48V capacity and a resilient 9.6Wh rack-mounted lithium battery.

Additionally, we offer two 10.24Wh wall-mounted LiFePO4 battery variants, one for solar inverters and the other versatile for any solar system.

So why wait? Choose Smart Lighting today for all your solar panel battery storage needs, and take a step towards a more sustainable and efficient energy future.

FAQs About Solar Battery Storage

Is it worth getting solar panels and battery storage?

Yes. If you are not exporting the excess energy to the National Grid then any power your panels generate that you do not immediately use is being wasted and you are not getting full value for money from your solar panels.

How does solar battery storage work?

Batteries are installed between your solar panel controller and the inverter. The controller measures how much electricity goes into the battery to make sure it doesn’t over-charge and the inverter is the device that converts DC power to the AC electricity needed by appliances in your home.

How much solar battery storage do I need?

This depends on how large a solar panel array you have installed in your home and how much electricity you use. The average 3-bedroom UK house fits a 4kW solar system comprising 10 solar panels. A home with 4 or more bedrooms can usually fit a 6kW system of 14 panels on its roof. If at any time of the day, your home is using less than this in power (and it almost certainly is), then a battery will store the excess for you to use later. Use your smart meter to look at your energy use pattern throughout the day and see our full range of batteries here

Do solar panels have battery storage?

There is no storage capacity built-in to solar panels. They are designed to pump out electricity as fast as possible while they are exposed to sunshine.

How big are solar storage batteries?

Larger batteries are wall-mounted, weigh 128.5Kg and are 500 x 800 x 250mm. Smaller, rack-mounted batteries weigh 43Kg and measure 445 x 450 x 132.5mm.

How long do solar storage batteries last?

Our lithium batteries have a 5-year warranty and the lifespan of a typical lithium-ion battery is 15 years.

How do you add battery storage to the solar system?

Batteries are high-powered electrical items and should always be fitted by a qualified electrician, preferably with solar expertise.

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