LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights are the modern answer to bringing our homes and workspaces to life. With quick to install technology, these flexible lighting solutions offer the perfect answer to highlighting shelving, display monitors, cabinets, wall panels, ceiling and more to add personality and a dash of elegance to your space.

The versatile uses of our LED strip lighting mean not only adding a visual highlight to any room but adding a practical touch too when an overhead light or room lamps are more than what you need.

Easily find items you need in the bathroom and kitchen at night by adding simple and minimal waterproof led strip lights to shelving or under cabinets for a discreet dash of light, or along bedside edging to light the way around bedroom furniture without disturbing your family’s sleep.

Can you cut led light strips? Yes, they can be cut to size, making them both innovative and versatile for everyday use. Simply cut between the copper dots on any LED strip tape to achieve the length you need and enjoy the quick and easy installation to take your space to the next level in lighting.

How to install led strip lights? Our customers love our lights for their easy installation. Simply unroll your lights, peel away the backing tape and apply to a dry, clean surface. Once in place, connect your controller and power adapter and enjoy your space’s new look.

Are all led strip lights dimmable? All our LED strip lights can be dimmable when combined with dimmable controllers. Dimmable options can vary and we can provide four dimming solutions such as Triac mains dimmable, 1-10V dimmable, DALI dimmable and wireless dimmable. Any CCT, RGB, RGB + W, RGB + CCT or single colour dimmable strip light comes automatically with a wireless dimmable option via remote / Wall Panel Controllers.

There’s no need to stop indoors though. Take our LED strip lights into your garden or outdoor space such as your garage to get more use out of your space after dark. Our lighting is perfect for adding a touch of ambience to decking, patio spaces and doorways for you to enjoy all year round. Browse our full range here to add the perfect highlight to any room or garden.

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