LED Garden Lights

Create a home that welcomes you before you step inside with stylish, sleek and ultra-modern outdoor LED garden lights, and feel like you’re arriving home to luxury every time you reach the door.

Exterior garden lights can be used imaginatively all around your outdoor space – line your garden or driveway with bright garden fence solar lights to bring you home, or surround your entrance with garden wall lights, perfect for adding elegance and refinement to any porch and doorway.

It’s not just about the high-end welcome though, garden lights can be used to equip your home with the security it needs to deter thieves and trespassers, as research shows they are less likely to approach a well-lit property.

Once you have created the approach to your home you have dreamed of, turn your attention to the garden and create a look as individual as the rest of your home. Our extensive collection of outside garden lights is designed to equip you with the resources you need to get creative and turn your garden into a nighttime sanctuary for year-round use.

Solar LED garden lights are the perfect solution to creating an effortless day to night transition. As the sun goes down, watch these come to life and ignite your garden with the lighting you need to continue enjoying your space without effort. Your guests will hardly notice the dip in daylight as the garden lights take over, emitting daylight-mimicing white light particles for lighting that’s natural and as bright as you need it to be to enjoy your space.

Garden lighting systems can be as subtle or as extensive as you wish. LED string lights and solar powered garden lights create a simple and light addition to your garden, while garden post and spike lights, decking lights and lanterns add an endless possibility.

It is easy to install our mains powered garden lights with a three-core steel-wire-armoured cable (SWA), which can be buried underground for safety. Alternatively, choose from our LED solar garden lights for cable-free lighting that looks after itself or contact us for Bespoke garden lighting solutions.

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