LED Bayonet Light Bulbs

A bayonet cap bulb is the most commonly used bulb fitting in the UK. The fitting has two pins that retract as you twist the bulb and expand once it is in place. We know they are a staple in most homes, so at Smart Lighting Industries we have an impressive range to meet your needs that come with a 5-year warranty. We proudly stock V-TAC UK, which provides innovative LED lighting solutions at the forefront of technology.

Whilst bayonet filament bulbs were used traditionally, LED lighting is increasingly popular and more efficient. In fact, an LED bayonet bulb will consume 80% less energy than a halogen alternative.

If you would usually buy an incandescent 60-watt bayonet light bulb, we would recommend an LED bayonet bulb of 6 watts. LED ensures no flickering, no mercury and no unwanted UV radiation in your home. There are many types of LED bayonet bulbs, from B22 standard bayonet bulb sizes to small bayonet B15 light bulbs to adapt to different light fixtures. We also stock dimmable bayonet bulbs and bayonet candle bulbs which can be used in chandeliers, lamps or ceiling lights.

The LED bayonet light bulbs come in a range of colour temperatures. You can choose from warm white, day white or white to ensure you get your favourite lighting style to suit your home. An LED bulb can last up to 30,000 hours once installed. This makes them a cost-effective replacement for incandescent lighting and ultimately gives you less worry about bulbs burning out from regular use and thermal output.

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