Hybrid Solar Inverters

Solar Hybrid Inverters are the cornerstone of modern renewable energy solutions, expertly integrating solar power with battery storage. These devices transform your solar panels’ energy into usable power and provide an efficient system for battery charging.

Choosing our hybrid solar inverter enhances the self-consumption of generated energy and lowers grid reliance, promoting energy independence. We offer single-phase hybrid inverters with various power capacities, such as our 3.6kW, 5kW, and 6kW models, all featuring an IP65 enclosure for outdoor installations.

Experience the power of solar energy and advanced battery storage with our hybrid inverter with solar battery charging. Enhance your renewable energy use with our best-quality hybrid inverters.

Selection should factor in your energy needs, system size, and future growth potential. We’ve included a video to help you install your V-TAC Hybrid Inverter and connect it to a V-TAC battery.

FAQs About Hybrid Solar Inverters

What is a hybrid solar inverter?

Solar inverters convert DC electricity from a solar panel array or a battery to AC power that can be used by your home appliances. Battery inverters convert AC power from the grid into DC for home battery storage and use during a power outage. A hybrid inverter can do both, tying together home battery storage with solar or grid charging. Many hybrid inverters also have limited built-in battery storage.

How do you connect or install a hybrid solar inverter?

Because it uses power from your grid as well as your solar panel array, a hybrid inverter is usually installed close to your main home fuse box and should be installed by a qualified electrician to be sure it receives full certification. Certification is required to be eligible for SEG to sell your solar power back to the National Grid via your energy provider.

What is the difference between a solar inverter and a hybrid solar inverter?

Solar inverters are designed to convert only power input from a solar panel array to AC electricity for use in your home appliances. You cannot use a solar inverter to charge a home battery from the power grid. You need a hybrid inverter to do that.

What is the advantage of a hybrid solar inverter?

Hybrid solar inverters include many more control and monitoring features than regular solar inverters because they have more functions. With the ability to move power between AC and DC in both directions, they require more control to keep your system balanced and prevent overloads. Hybrid inverters can be set up and monitored by WiFi so are convenient to adjust or to see where power is currently flowing to and from.

How long do hybrid inverters last?

Our hybrid solar inverters have a 5-year warranty but the expected lifespan of hybrid inverter units is 10 to 25 years.

Does a hybrid inverter need a charge controller?

No, the charge controller is one of the many monitoring and control features that are built into a hybrid solar inverter.

Which is better on-grid inverter or hybrid inverter?

A regular on-grid inverter is designed simply to charge a home battery from the grid, offering backup power in the event of a power cut. A hybrid inverter also does this but allows for the addition of a solar panel array, either now or in the future. A hybrid inverter makes a mixed grid and renewable energy power solution easier to set up, manage and control.

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