LED PIR Floodlight

Floodlights have traditionally been used in industrial and commercial settings for a long time to offer bright, daylight-mimicking light to large open spaces. However, they are gaining popularity with homeowners too, and with the additional security they can bring to a property it’s easy to see why.

An LED PIR floodlight offers you all the great benefits of a traditional floodlight, combined with the motion sensor which saves energy and only activates the light when it’s needed. PIR (passive infra-red) technology is a great way to ensure you’re not lighting your outdoors all night, but the automatic activation will alert you when movement is detected. Similarly, a PIR sensor floodlight is great for those trips to the garage or to help you take the bins out in the dark, offering automatic lighting to illuminate your path.

Our extensive range includes options from 10W, 18W, 20W, 30W, 50W LED floodlight with PIR sensor. A 10W PIR LED floodlight is equivalent to around 900 lumens. It will offer the same brightness as a traditional 60W bulb while using considerably less energy. They make a great choice for domestic settings including the side of homes, gates and paths and anywhere else that may be attractive to intruders.

How do I disable a LED floodlight PIR? To disable the PIR technology in your chosen LED floodlight, you can easily override the automatic sensor by switching it on, off and on again very quickly. Some LED floodlights may also have a setting which can be set to disable the PIR technology and connect it again when you choose.

LED PIR floodlights make brilliant choices. Once you have chosen and installed your floodlight, you can relax and enjoy the knowledge that the floodlight will last many years without maintenance or replacement bulbs needed. LED technology offers the best longevity for all lighting, both indoor and outdoor in the home and commercial settings. With a continuous low cost and low energy output, LED lights are the future of lighting your space. At Smart Light Industries we offer a wide range of floodlight with motion sensors incorporating security functionalities.

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