Bedroom LED Strip Lights

Are you looking for a simple lighting solution for a dark shelf or statement strip lights for your bedroom? At Smart Lighting Industries, we have a range of LED lighting strips that are convenient to instal and can be adapted to any space requirement you might have. Whether you want sensor-controlled strip lights for your bedside or a large reel you can use to border a statement wall, we have the answer.

From soft, warm lighting to RGB colour changing options, our range comes in multiple lengths and colourways to meet any space requirements. Smart Industries is proud to stock creative bedroom LED strip light options from our trusted supplier, v-Tac UK, who have been providing premium quality products since 2009.

LED bedroom strip lights come with remote control through the V-Tac Smart Light App, Alexa or Google Home. Installing bedroom LED light strips that can be remotely controlled can provide independence to individuals with impaired mobility, as well as being ideal for children’s bedrooms. You will never again have to get out of a warm bed because you forgot to switch the light off. There could be nothing easier than being able to switch off, dim or change the colour of your lights at the touch of a button.

Well-placed lighting can brighten up your living space and we have bedroom LED strip lights ranging from 1 to 10 metres long to suit spaces of all sizes. The light strips are flexible, meaning they can bend around corners and border your room completely. Find your perfect strip lights for bedroom at Smart Lighting Industries.

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