GU10 LED Bulbs

A GU10 LED bulb is commonly called a spotlight. You may have been using spotlights in your home for a while, and many people assume that their spotlights are modern, efficient bulbs, but it’s always worth upgrading your spotlight bulbs to GU10 LED spotlights for the best use.

There is a brilliant range to choose from when shopping for your GU10 light bulb with us at Smart Lighting. Choose from a wide range of colour temperatures to alter the mood and ambience of your space, and select the brightness and quantity of your GU10 LED bulbs according to where you will use them and how much of a feature you would like them to create in your room. This new range of GU10 Bulbs is perfectly compatible with existing GU10 holders.

How to change or remove GU10 bulb? Changing or removing a GU10 light bulb is fast and easy. Squeeze the clip or use the sucker provided to release the bulb from its fitting, and twist anti-clockwise to stop the connection to the light fitting. To fit your new GU10 bulb, insert the bulb into the light fitting and twist clockwise until it is in place, replacing the clip at the end.

The best GU10 light bulbs are without a doubt LEDs. A GU10 LED bulb provides an output of 575 lumens, approximately equivalent to a 50W – 80W halogen bulb, but LED bulbs outperform in efficiency, longevity and cost of running.

All LED bulbs require a transformer, or driver, to work properly. However, our LED bulbs come with these built-in and require no additional purchase.

GU10 bulbs are available in both dimmable and non-dimmable options, providing you with the choice of lighting effects for around your home. Spotlights using GU10 LED bulbs are not only a great ceiling option for the kitchen and bathrooms but are also a popular choice for creating feature lighting in cabinets, flooring and around the home.

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LED Spotlight 4.5W GU10 100? SMART RGB, White, Warm White
2W GU10 Plastic Bulb MR11

2W GU10 Plastic Bulb MR11

£4.55 inc. VAT
5W Plastic Spotlight GU10 Dimmable 12pcs Pack